Saints in the Super Bowl

It was near the end of December that I wrote this post:

I posed the question after 7 weeks into the season “Are The New Orleans Saints the Best Team in Football?”  Well we will not know that in 2 weeks!  Yes, after many many many horrifying years the Saints have finally made it to the Superbowl!!

I can’t even believe I am typing this to be honest – I have never cheered for a team that made it the championship.  I guess I was a Jays fan when they won it, bt that was at a time I didn’t care that much about sports, and more specifically boreball.

This is different – this is a sport and team I actually care about.  After years of misery they get a chance to win it all.  One game – against the Indianapolis Colts.  Perfect ending to an interesting football season.  The two best teams from each conference meet in the finals.  The Saints have a chance to rewrite their horrible history, give hope to a still downtrodden city and make Drew Brees the household name he deserves.  On the other side of the ball are the Colts.  They are playing for their 2nd Super Bowl in 4 years, Peyton Manning is looking to put the stamp on a career that is very well the best we have EVER seen at QB.

I personally can not wait!

Peyton Manning Is Next

  • I am a great fan of football than you, Its nice to know that you cant wait but I am just dying of this waiting, thanks for sharing the great article.

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