Saints Vs. Colts Image

After perusing sports TV a bit today – I have to say – can not believe the Saints are such underdogs.  As a big time Saints fan, I will admit that The Colts are a slight favourite – but I think if you listened to the sports media there is no way Saints can stop Peyton Manning.  He is destined to seal his claim as the greatest QB ever.

I guess we will see tomorrow but I hope people remember that at the downturn of the Saints season – they were trotting out guys off the street to start in the secondary…literally in Mike Mackenzie’s case.  The Saints will have Sharper, Greer and Porter healthy or close to tomorrow.  They can run the ball better than Indy and believe it or not, they have a pretty good QB too.  Indy can’t sack anyone these playoffs, Freeney will be hobbled, and the Saints O Line has done a great job (even with the absence of Jammal Brown) protecting Brees.

I think it is a real close game to call and I am nervous as hell.  I don’t think the Saints are getting the credit they deserve, but they can prove everyone wrong tomorrow.

Here is an artistic rendering of tomorrows game:


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