Scarface – Dope Man Music Review

Scarface – pretty consistent dude.  I like most things he releases in fact.  Here is a mixtape designed to get people excited for his upcoming album.  Does it do the job?

Lets see what I think on first glance:

1. Picking Up The Pieces – Nice intro – that soulful kind of beat Scarface sounds great over…a la Guess Who’s Back and This Can’t Be Life.  Good to hear Scarface rapping – he is still sounding good.  One of the best voices in rap IMO.

2. Dopeman Music
Whoa this beat is cool – kind of out there.  Definitely jazzy but a little darker than you’d expect.  Crazy production, I dunno about Face’s cohorts on the song but they certainly don’t ruin the song.

3. Lyrical Assault – The start of the beat made me think Polow Da Don right away – those epic sounding opening chords.  Gotta say I am surprised about Malice being on the track – he was talking pretty greasy about Face.  Scarface and the gun talk I am not too old to enjoy it – I don’t care what anyone says.

4. Fasho Moneyskit

5. Gwap – Always worried about songs called gwap.  This is pretty classic Scarface here – not my fav track so far but if you like Scarface (I do!) then you will like this.

6. Get Lost – Starting a bit too soft for my taste. this just isn’t my personal style.  Good track for what it is I guess.  Production has grown on me since I typed the start of this…this might grow on me.

7. The N Word – What is the N word anyways?  Nipple?  Just kidding don’t lose it  Not much of a song here – cool interlude I guess…better than a skit.

8. The Ghetto Report – This is my fav Scarface style – the “ghetto CNN” Scarface over the soulful beats.  A definite highlight IMO.

9. 2 The Beat – Scarface is form the south so he gotta have those lasers and hi hats.  Would sound awesome on a good system.

10. Wanted – A bit generic to me to start – got a cool guitar interlude – but just a bit “plodding” for me.

11. Hustle Game – Yeahhhhh this is good. Great production on this joint – I love it. Perfect kind of song for Face.

12. Rff Raff Skit – I was gonna say BOOOO SKIT…BUT…nice K-Rino and Z-Ro shout outs – those dudes are awesome.

13. In My Blood – Nice piano to start – more of a B James song I think.

14. Bad Man – I love reggae and rap combos – this not so much.  I see what he was trying – just not feeling the production.  Could grow on me – it has an OK hook.

All in all – great mixtape here.  Not every song is amazing – but there were enough good-great songs on this to make me anticipate his full length release.

Face is a legend – probably top ten of all time..or at least you can make an argument to put him there.

I hope this solid mixtape means that his album will be another in a long line of consistent releases

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