Should The Raptors Fire Colangelo?

should raptors fire colangelo

Bryan Colangelo – The Chosen One!

He swept into Toronto with promise and a mystique as a recent Exec of The year award winner.  Finally after suffering through the Babcock era, the Raps gain legitimacy.  With Bosh as their center piece and Colangelo working his magic, the sky is the limit.

Four years later – 3 Playoff wins.  Three.  I repeat, three.

The “saviour” has lead the Raps to where they have always been – mediocrity.  Is it time to maybe pull the plug on this experiment?  Maybe we give him this last year of his contract and see how it goes.  The Raps can’t possibly be thinking of extending it right?  Has he given any reason why it should be?  Any indication that he is going to right the ship?

I don’t see it.

I had a conversation with a friend who admired that Colangelo would make mistakes, but he would admit them and try to fix it.  The problem is, more often than not, he makes another mistake.  he does have some good in there though, I like Jack and I think Weems and Johnson were a steal when they originally came here. In general though he is beginning to remind me of the man who killed baseball for me…JP Ricciardi.  Will Colangelo kill basketball?

Here is my problem with Colangelo.

1. Jermaine O’neal – It was a failure. J.O was injured (like everyone knew he would be) overpaid and didn’t produce. Didn’t work well with Bosh either.  Bright side – they got Marion for him, but as Marion gelled with team towards end of season, Colangelo let him walk and decided on Hedo.

2. Kapono – I can sum this signing up in one word: LOL

3. Calderon Extension
– Hey guess what? Each year Calderon gets more ridiculously overpaid.  Horrible contract for what has turned out to be a back up caliber PG who is a big time defensive liability.

4. Hedo Contract
– Epic fail that would have ended many other GMs jobs.  In his most impressive move as a GM he was able to navigate cap space after overpaying Hedo…big deal.  He still paid an aging Hedo Turkoglu a ridiculous contract.  Based on what exactly? ONE playoff series?  Hedo worked in Orlando’s system and that’s it – he has NEVER been a $10 million player besides one season there.  Look at his stats,  he was never really a close to 20 ppg scorer.  H was ONCE..but besides that perfect fit in Orlando he wasn’t even a 15 ppg guy.  He was a horrible fit for this team…which brings me to:

5. Lack of Addressing Raptors Needs – When Colangelo took over the Raptors they lacked a dynamic second scoring option, rebounding, defense and toughness.  Four years later they lack all the same things.  He completely missed the boat on addressing needs. Raptors will be a worse team next year than when he took over.

6. Won’t Wave the White Flag
– It is time to give up.  It is time to rebuild.  Being the 7th-10th seed means that you aren’t close to winning anything, and not bad enough to get a good pick.  It is purgatory and it is the worst place for your team to be. I would even say it is impossible to build a team that way.  Look at Portland and OKC as examples of young teams, they rebuilt through the draft and now can plug in holes with free agents and veterans.   Colangelo seems to want to work the opposite way, the problem is if you never bottom out you don’t get the Durants and Roys of the world.  The best thing to Happen to Raptors in recent memory was getting the 4th pick and drafting Bosh.  Seems like it is clear what it is time to do.

This off season Colangelo has thrown 7 million a year at Amir Johnson.  Let Bosh walk for no assets (EDIT: apparently he did receive a trade exception and picks – I can’t complain about that) and has signed Kleiza to a deal.  I like Kleiza but I dunno if he is a rebuilding block.  It just looks like more of the same from Colangelo, lets get good enough to avoid the basement but not anywhere close to winning a championship.  If he has to overpay to get to the 10th seed, so be it.

The reality is Colangelo is more concerned about his own contract and job than he is in building a winner.  Instead of building a better boat he is plugging the holes with bubble gum.  The problem is, we are all going to sink with him.

  • Since I wrote this Colangelo has rid the Raps of the horrible Hedo contract and almost sent Calderon packing. If BC is committed to rebuilding and staying young I may have jumped the gun on this one. We will see what the rest of the off season holds.

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