Should The Blue Jays Trade Roy Halladay

The big sports news in Toronto right now is all about Roy Halladay – will he stay or will he go?

I am not sure either way.  I do know my stance on the issue – I say trade him.

First, Roy Halladay deserves to be on a winning club with a real shot in the playoffs.  He has already wasted a number of his prime years for the hapless Riccardi led Blue Jays.  Let’s trade this guy and let him see how being in a winning organization feels.

Secondly, Halladay’s value will never be higher than it is right now.  He has a season and a half left on his contract, so any team dealing for him won’t just be renting him for half a season.  If Riccardi can somehow manage to pull off a great trade, this can set the Jays up nicely for the future.

I think back about when the Indians traded Bartolo Colon to Montreal.  They got back a package of prospects – two names jump out at me.  Last years Cy Young award winner Cliff Lee and perennial all-star Grady Sizemore.  Florida also made a nice deal for their ace – Josh Beckett. The received a package that included Hanley Ramirez and Guillermo Mota.

I have seen many people in the media say that trading Halladay is a sign the team is giving up.  Well, Gaston coming out and saying the Jays wouldn’t contend this year in the off season was not really a glowing recommendation either.

I have also seen reporters say we should keep him because Riccardi said 2010 will be the year the Jays can contend.  Pass me whatever you guys are smoking.  The mere fact Riccardi is willing to deal Halladay shows that he knows the Jays can not compete next year.  Let’s not forget JP also claimed the Jays would compete in 2006 when he arrived – then when they were mediocre (like they have ALWAYS been under his reign) he claimed he never said anything like that.

The Jays right now might need to blow it up.  That may be harsh, but in a division like the AL East, being a middle of the pack team every year will kill your franchise.  If you want to compete you have to destroy and rebuild similar to the Florida Marlins.  When Riccardi got here, he began doing that – building the team in a Billy Beane, moneyball type manner.  But then one year he went crazy, threw all that away and gave up big money to over the hill players or guys that were injured more than they played…Thomas, Burnett and Ryan.

It flew right in the face of his own “master plan”.  Right now the Jays are in trouble.  There seems to be a lot of young pitching talent (Cecil and Romero) but are they the next Marcum and McGowan?  Or the next Chacin?

Best case scenario;  Jays Trade Halladay to Philly, Halladay wins a World Series and the Jays get a package that includes Philly prospect Kyle Drabek.  Then in the off season Riccardi is fired, and a capable GM is brought in.  Just look at the off seasons for the other Toronto teams…Raptors and Leafs both had exciting and seemingly great off seasons.  Why?  They lost their dead weight GM’s and brought in the best.

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