Snowboarding Bulldogs


For some reason bulldogs seem to have an affinity for skateboarding.  I am not sure why but it almost comes naturally.  I have sat around all winter waiting the spring to try and get my bulldog into skateboards.  I wasted all this time when I could have been getting them to…SNOWBOARD!

The things that blow me away in this video is how much they genuinely seem to like it.  They also seems to be good at it – WAY better than me in fact!

Check this out – just awesome.  Stay tuned for my home made videos of me trying to get my bulldog to skateboard btw 🙂

The Man The Myth The Legend

  • Dogs are created with lots of talents. You can train them, can be a friend, can be your guards and can be your sport buddy. Watched the video and I'm impressed with the performance. Awesome!

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