Soldiers Reunited With Dogs


I don’t talk politics on here too much.  It just isn’t my favorite topic of discussion – especially on the internet.  The internet brings out the worst in debates like that.  I guess it is easy to have insane views when no one really knows who you are.  They can also get away saying anything they want because they don’t have to fear a physical repercussions. I don’t condone physical violence (outside the octagon that is)but the mere threat of it can sometimes be handy in keeping certain tools in check.

Anyways, I have maybe mentioned the war(Iraq & Afghan & whatever) a couple times on here and am generally against it.  I just think it is kind of wasteful and wasn’t planned properly.  I am not one of those people who hates the soldiers though, I think my number one reason for being against the war is the dying soldiers.  I am not sure anything going on in Iraq is scary enough to warrant rich old men sending poor young people to die.  I know that is an oversimplification but that is basically my view.

Anyways I came across a cool video on youtube that was a dog’s reaction to his owner (a soldier) coming home from Afghanistan.  Quite frankly, it was adorable. I also notice a number of other vids like it.  I thought it would be interesting if I posted a couple of the vids here – my personal favs.  Without further ado here is 4 dogs greeting their soldier owners…

The Man The Myth The Legend

  • koolmeg

    I love this post Ted! If you love dogs you can't help but have your heart strings pulled!

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