Sports Update

I was really hoping to get a streak going to start this month…before it gets to the Christmas rush. Oh well, I think it has been awhile since I posted after only a one day layoff.

I should be able to post a bit more regularly, at least at the start of this month. I finished a couple website I was working on for some acquaintances. Since I know that having backlinks can really help a website, I will link them here to help them out.

For all your telecommunications needs we have TDS Canada.

If you are interested in what a “near life experience is”, check out Robert Lohene’s blog. Besides being a blog, it also has some information about the book he wrote and a link to purchase it if you are interested.

Well we got that out of the way – what else is there to talk about? A great new Jay-Z song is out, I am sure you can youtube “Brooklyn We Go Hard”

The Raptors have been playing like garbage lately. I knew this west coast swing would probably end up in 3 losses, but the way it is going it is looking like it will be 3 blowout losses. I have defended their coach for a long time, since his first season where the Raptors struggled horribly. I have to say that maybe now is the time to go a different direction and fire the man affectionately known as “Smitch”.

The Raptors aren’t really blessed with a lot of tradable assets so a coaching change would be the quickest and easiest way to breathe some life into the ACC.

The Maple Leafs are on a west coast swing of their own. Unlike the Raptors though, I had zero expectations for them this season, so far they have matched that. I can’t be too hard on them because it is good to FINALLY see them rebuild. I can’t remember them destroying and rebuilding like this in my hockey watching career. Yeah they will take their lumps this year, but it is good to see they are committed to putting on a good show each night and some of the young guys are looking very good. I believe Grabovski and Kulemin are in the top ten (maybe top five) for points by a rookie.

On a semi related note, RIP to Ted Rogers. It is sort of related because he was the owner of another local sports franchise – The Blue Jays. I am sure a lot of people have cursed Rogers’ name when they would open their internet or cable bill. But to be fair to Rogers, he was a great entrepreneur. Probably one of the best Canada has ever had.

I know people like to take shots at rich people, but really which one of us wouldn’t want to be rich? Ted Rogers had the drive, determination, persistence, skills and maybe a touch of good luck to become successful. I won’t begrudge the man a cent he earned. I think it is much more interesting to focus on the man and speculate on why he is rich, rather than focus on his riches and speculate what kind of man he is.

I hope that sentence makes sense because I tried to touch it up like 77 times with no luck.

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