Still Here

I have definitely been slacking on the writing. I have to stop that.

This is just a weird week, due to the fact I am dog sitting in Toronto.

I have been making it to the gym though. I have been using a gym in my sister’s office building. It will do for this week, but it does lack some of my normal equipment. It is lacking in the lower body department. All it has is a leg press and it is a version of a leg press machine I am not used to – I am not really built to fit in this one.

It is alright though because a lot of my exercises use or can use dumbbells. They have one decent set of dumbbells, up to about 75lbs. None of my exercises require me to be anywhere near that right now, so I can handle a couple more days at this gym.

One of the bonuses of this gym is the fact that it has an indoor pool. I don’t do much swimming, so it is nice when I can do a couple laps. It is a pretty low impact exercise but if I push myself and keep up a good pace I think it is perfect for my cardio.

I also like the comfort of an indoor pool. For some reason I hate swimming in lakes and rivers. It kind of grosses me out actually. I think if I was somewhere with crystal clear water and a beautiful white sand, I could handle it. I just hate murky lakes and rivers.

For one, I would probably instantly die if I found a leech on my ANYWHERE. I don’t even know what I would do if I pulled a “Stand By Me” and found one down my pants.

Secondly, every stick or piece of seaweed is some sort of snake to me. I hate walking along seeing all that random stuff in the water. It is even worse if I don’t see it and I just *gulp* feel it.

People can laugh all they want, and they can call me childish. I really do not care, all I know is rivers and lakes gross me out. This is true especially in Southern Ontario. I love Southern Ontario, but way too many beach closings for my taste. If these monitored areas are getting closed due to all sorts of microscopic creepy crawlies, why would anyone thing the unmonitored areas are any better.

I do enjoy boating and fishing though. That is, as long as I do not fall off the boat. That is another fear I have, I know I will one day reach a decent bodyweight, but until then I must avoid falling in the water. There is NO way I will be able to climb or be lifted into a boat if I fall out. So if we are boating and it comes down to me saving myself or saving you, get ready to plug your nose.

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