Summer Time

Wow what a start to the summer.

First day of Summer falls on Fathers Day – that is pretty cool. I lost my Father a couple years ago so it isn’t quite as enjoyable as it used to be – but still interesting that it worked out that way.

Even MORE interesting is that my biz partner had his 2nd child on the first day of summer/Fathers Day! So I have to spend a couple words on welcoming Hudson Grant to the world. He tipped the scales at over 9 lbs!

In yet another coincidence the first day of summer was also the first truly hot day of the year I think. I don’t mind the heat as much as I once did – I think it is because of going to the gym.

Speaking of the gym – went to go there on Monday morning and noticed the door was locked! Not onlythat but it was empty – well that wasn’t a good thing. It is the only gym in town. Luckily I knew the owner had moving plans so I went to the new location and BAM there was the new gym in all its glory.

It is much bigger and much nicer inside. It is also in the “downtown core” of my town (that will make locals laugh). It is definitely more convenient to get to, and for the gym owner is a much more desirable location. he should get a lot of walk up business. I know he said that he already had a couple visitors walk in to check things out.

One big difference is the huge windows along the front of the building – gonna take a while to get used to that. Not too sure how comfortable I am with that. Feels like I am working out in a fishbowl.

Plus the intimidation factor – like I don’t want the whole town to know that I am ridiculously strong and tough.

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