T.I. feat Dr Dre – Poppin Off

Alright, made a New Years resolution to update this site some more.   One thing I will try and add are my fav songs of the year – as they drop of course.  I will post either MP3s or Youtube videos and tag them as Best Songs of 2012…you can see the link to them in the navigation above.  Of course there is only one song so far…

T.I. feat Dr Dre – Poppin Off.  A great track from a completely underwhelming mixtape.  Dr Dre’s verse stinks…does dude actually say “Tragical”  T.I. kills it, and this is a surprisingly different sound for Dr. Dre production.

  • Agree 100% with below comment.  Dre's verse held the song back and it was because it didn't sound natural.

  • Gabriel

    Song is dope, beat-wise. As far as lyrically, this ain't your normal Dre. You could tell the ghost writer was probably T.I. T.I., is indeed ready for his comeback after being incarcerated. Overall, a good blend of west coast mixed with southern trumpets. I give this song a 7.5. I'm a big Dre fan so I took this into consideration. Trust me, I judge harshly. The only thing that stopped me from giving it a full ten was Dre's lryics, clearly not his normal rap verse. Be yourself Dre. You already pleased the crowd with the beat and T.I. collapo, no need to over do it. Your normal west coast flow would have been just fine. Keep working hard, I admire it. Rap will never fall off with this legend!

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