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Alpoko Don – Get my Paypa Dog

Not often these days something really new and different comes around in rap.  I think Alpoko Don fits that bill.  He isn’t breaking the mold, he is essentially a southern trap rapper, but he does it unlike anyone before him.  This track features a stripped down beat (paying homage to his Youtube viral vids where […]


Z-ro feat. Chris Ward – 100 [Official Video]

Been playing the hell out of this song lately.  First off, the beat obviously caught my ear – a throw back g-funk west coast beat for sure.  I believe it is a remake of Dre’s “High Powered”.  The first verse isn’t anything special to me.  No offense to Chris Ward, but it was a pretty […]


Joey Bada$$ feat. Cj Fly – Hardknock

First time checking out Joey Bada$$, and pleasantly surprised.  His name made me avoid him, but this video proves I shouldn’t judge a  book by it’s cover, or in this case…name.   This is definitely throwback rap.  Clearly it is meant to evoke a feeling from the 90’s.  From the beat to the way the video […]


Pusha T feat. The Dream – Exodus

I have always been a fan of The Clipse.  I think Hell Hath No Fury is criminally slept on for example.  Pusha T has always been my fav of the duo, but lately I haven’t been feeling him THAT much.  I hadn’t been following his career at all lately, but then I heard this song.  […]


ASAP Rocky – Goldie [Explicit Video]

ASAP back with the lead single to his upcoming release.  Goldie is classic ASAP – screwed hook, dope beat and him flowing his ass off.  I think this is a great song choice for his first single, and the video is great.  I know the video doesn’t really break new ground but stylistically it just […]


Nas – Daughters

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Chief Keef – I Don’t Like

Been absent awhile, will try to pick it up by making multiple posts in the upcoming days.  This song is currently on repeat for me. Nothing fancy, no fancy lyrics – just hard beat with an infectious hook.  I’d compare it to last years “Racks”.  While not a technical masterpiece it invokes feeling and is […]


Kardinal – Kill Shot

Kardinal!  Gotta always show love to Toronto’s own.  This is a great track, that actually reminds me of Kardinal’s older work – the beat kind of has that old Circle sound from Eye & I Days.  Liking this track a lot – and simple but great video.


Boldy James – 9 Years Old

Let’s stick with Chicago – they got a nice scene bubbling there.  Boldy James takes a sped up Soulja Boy sample (I think or is this someone else singing this?) and turns it into his brand of street rhyme. 


Tree – Amy

Combining my love of Amy Winehouse and a great sound currently coming out of Chicago and we get this gem.  I am loving Tree’s old school, drunken sounding flow.  He also produces this track.