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Odd Future – Oldie [Official Video]

I haven’t been checking Odd Future out too much lately, and I didn’t love the recent mixtape but this track is definitely a stand out for me. The video really caught my attention as well.  The track and video have a real throwback feel to them – feels like a classic Posse cut from back […]


Hodgy Beats – In A Dream

One of the more underrated rappers from the Odd Future clan, Hodgy Beats recently dropped a decent EP Untitled – This is my favorite track off of that, I love the sample – sounds like Sting to me a bit but I don’t know if anyone has found the source yet. Well besides Alchemist who […]


Domo Genesis – Stray Bullets Quote

And I ain't one for preachin' but my realness ain't a secret/ I bleed it, but fame ain't even cuttin' for the deepness/ Barley scratchin' the surface, still sleepin' on the genius/ But im cool, the top I'mma see it when I see it/ Careful of where my feet is in a sea of non believers/ Startin' lies and passin' rounds but when I see em daps and pounds/ This how we actin now? I gotta be a basset hound/ And all I smell is bullshit so I ain't comin' back around
Domo Genesis

Domo Genesis – Stray Bullets

A great track from Domo Genesis.  Domo is part of the Odd Future click, but I have noticed his music has been moving to a more traditional boom bap sound.  He had a great mixtape last year, and most of the beats were traditional hip-hop, classic beats. He has seemed to steer away a bit […]