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Pusha T feat. The Dream – Exodus

I have always been a fan of The Clipse.  I think Hell Hath No Fury is criminally slept on for example.  Pusha T has always been my fav of the duo, but lately I haven’t been feeling him THAT much.  I hadn’t been following his career at all lately, but then I heard this song.  […]


The Dream – ROC [Official Video]

Time for my guilty pleasure….the fucking radio KILLA!  The Dream drops a video to ROC, the single he released earlier.  Just aural and visual bliss really.  I know it isn’t rap – but Im including it as one of my fav videos anyways.


The Dream – ROC [NEW SINGLE]

It is no secret I love The Dream.  Most of my friends don’t know why I do, and to be honest, I don’t know why the hell they don’t.  Its the mother fucking RADIO KILLA!  This track is the single for his upcoming release – and once again Terius does it.   Great track – good […]


Terius Nash (The Dream) – 1977 [review]

The Dream. I have tried to put a lot of people on to this guys music and was rewarded with comments like “YOU listen to this?” Yes I do – and you should too. The Dream is the man. Possible musical genius? And before you ask it – no I am not joking. The dude […]

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Count Down To Free Dream Album [Aug 30]

Alright I know The Dream is not for everyone.  I am not even joking when I think he borders on musical genius – but I won’t make that argument now.  He creates cheesy RnB and doesn’t sing particularly well.  I dunno why I like him, but whatever he does – it works. Anyways, the above […]