Telling White Lies

I think most people realize that a little white lie now and then isn’t an issue.

Any guy that has ever been asked “How does this look on me?” knows for a fact that a white lie has it’s uses.

How often do you do it though?  Is there any a danger in being a “habitual” white liar?

I thought about this while watching the American Idol auditions, as you can see I really act on my impulses.  I thought about this post topic in January, and it is nearly May and I am addressing it.  Ted Payne – the epitome of “Go Getter”

You have all of these people show up for auditions, give it there all and then they suck.  I don’t mean they were good but not great, I mean a lot of them flat out sucked.  Their singing makes little children cry and dogs run away.  THAT bad.  You know when you have drank like 7 pitchers of beer at the karoke bar…they sound like you do then, except they are sober.  It all ends up being very embarassing.

It makes me wonder how those people got to that point…WHITE LIES!  There family wanted to spare their feelings and they lied to them.  I am all about people pursuing their dreams – but if I ever tell my friends and family that I want to pursue a future in track and field – I hope they are honest with me.  They can be brutally honest in fact.

Here is another example.  I have a friend..lets call her Plinda.  Now Plinda is a very charming young lady.  She is very considerate and is pretty in tune when it comes to not hurting people’s feelings.  One issue though – she suggests LYING to spare these feelings.  My Mom had cooked Easter dinner and one of the dishes she had undercooked…she even mentioned it like “Oh I undercooked this, the texture is a little different”.  I agreed, I was like yeah it is a bit tough, could have went in a bit longer.

Plinda kind of gave me a sideways glance like “How could you say that?”

Another time my brother and I had attempted to “smoke” some food.  We ended up with dry ribs that were so smoky they made me feel kind of sick to eat them.  I mentioned this to my brother and again “Plinda” was surprised I could ever say that.

Here is my defense – yes I may have told people their cooking was off but it was for a reason.  If I pretended that whatever my Mom cooked tasted great and wasn’t undercooked..she would think I loved it that way and continue to undercook it.  If I pretended the smoked food my brother made was good, he would never learn to properly smoke food.

Even worse, now when “Plinda” tells me she likes something, deep down I am thinking…does she?  Or is this a white lie?

I think White Lies in general are OK, especially if it is going to avoid embarrassment, a fight or it generally spares someones feelings.

HOWEVER, the problem comes up when those lies actually help force someone to continue an annoying, improper or incorrect behaviour.  Trust me, as awkward as it may be to bring something like that to someones attention, in the long run they will appreciate it.

I know for me personally, if I  had my hair spiked up, a too tight Ed Hardy t-shirt and some Tap Out shorts on about to hit the bar…I would want one of my friends to pull me aside and say “You look like a Douche man”.  That is the true meaning of friendship!

  • LOL! Awesome post.

    I love the story about Plinda. Seems like a fine young woman other than her horrible lying habit.

    Seriously though this is really good insight. Truth and honesty always trump any situation

  • For me, yeah, white lies are generally okay, but it shouldn't be exploited. Just like you said, white lies are only okay if it meant avoiding someone getting hurt.

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