Ten Rap Songs You Need To Hear – Number Eight

8. G-Side (feat. Bentley) – In The Rain

Who – If you have been reading this blog, then you know who this is – G-Side.  Probably my favorite rap act of the past couple years.  They are based out of Hunstville, Alabama and are part of the Slow Motion Soundz (SMS) collective.  In my opinion, G-Side is the flagship group for that collective, and my favorite group right now.  G-Side is made up of two rappers – ST and Yung Clova.  A lot of the production is handled by Block Beattaz, whose lush production, and interesting sample choices, have got them noticed by the likes of hipster king Diplo.

Why You Need To Hear Them
– Simple put, G-Side is putting out the best music in rap and deserve to be acknowledged.  In 2008, their sophmore effort; Starshipz and Rocketz was my favorite album of the year.  In 2009, the follow up to that; Huntsville International was my favorite album.  They might have had a shot at 2010 as well, except their upcoming album won’t be released until New Years Day 2011.  The whole SMS collective is kind of reminiscent of the Dungeon Family.  You have a number of different style rappers paired with  distinctly Southern yet unique production.  Yung Clova won’t wow you with lyrical prowess, but ST will and he will do it consistently.

The Song – This is the jam!  This was one of my favorite songs of 2009.  It is just a great combination of rapping and production.  The beat drops with an absolutely great sample.  The laid back beat, and ethereal vocal sample are in stark contrast with ST’s open bars:

From the bottom of the map
Use to Slapbox
Now a nigga slap clips
On the bottom of the straps
Military mind till the cemetery time
I ain’t finna bury mine, so a ni**a carry nine

The combination of beat and verse just work.  ST doesn’t carry this song alone though.  Bentley, a frequent collaborator drops the last verse on this song, and completely kills it.  Again, much like Dungeon Family in the past, G-Side can safely walk the line between street friendly and socially conscious material:

I done made my own-self paranoid, riding with a strap
For some shit I did, thinking that he gonna come get me back
On top of that, I’m in school, teachers think Im in a gang
My papers be articulate, in class Im talking in slang
They accusing me of plagiarism
Why they playing favoritism?
Lights at the house dimming
That’s how everyday I’m living
Use my shirt to wipe away the tears from my Mama’s eyes
We ain’t got nothing and she working everyday until she tired
Go legit or get a brick, and its so hard to just decide
Cause I done seen a million dollars made in front of my very eyes

You need to check out this song, because G-Side are the flagship group of a burgeoning hip-hop scene in Alabama.  It is exciting to see grass roots movements like this gain steam.  Only time will tell if G-Side will make a national splash, I’m not betting against them.

Extras –

Here is a video from the same album as the above track (Huntsville International): Rising Sun

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