Ten Rap Songs You Need To Hear – Number Five

5. Currensy – Airborne Aquarium

Who – Curren$y is a rapper based out of New Orleans. Although he is probably at the peak of his popularity now (thus far anyways), he has been around for awhile. Back in 2003 he was signed to No Limit Records. After a brief stint on C-Murer’s Tru Records he was then signed by Cash Money Records with Lil Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment imprint. He has bounced around on a couple labels since then, but has seemed to found a nice niche with his Pilot Talk releases.

Why You Have To Hear Him – I think he has earned it through hard work and by simply getting better. Rap music is FULL of cases of rappers starting off a career hungry and focused, only to end up dropping off later in their career. The fact is, your favorite rappers of all time, probably make significantly worse music now than earlier in their careers. Curren$y bucks that trend. I did not check for him much earlier in his career and when I did – he was boring to me. The past year (or two) has been great for him though. He has embraced that “weed rap” persona that has made Wiz Khalifa so popular. His Pilot Talk albums are must checks for people. Sporting great production from Ski Beats – they are the ultimate “zone out” albums.

The Song – What a way to open Pilot Talk 2. One of the best opening tracks on any album this year. The beat is insane IMO. The opening synths (?) are almost hypnotic. I find myself whistling that tune all the time. Then to top it off Curren$y snaps on the track like I wasn’t sure he could. He gets some flack for being boring on the mic, but not here, not at all. He sounds energized and flows perfectly over the beat.

Real ni**a, lemme make it as clear as my windows,
No square shall enter in the circle of winners,
Know I’m prepared for whatev, you know what I been thru,
Rearview, Clear vision, memories of paid dues,
Confined to a runway, thunderstorms came thru,
But look what it came to, somethin’ that amazes you,
soon as you quit hatin’ and hear what I gotta say to you,

Extras –

This track is from Big Krit’s album (more on him later in the songs you must hear series) and features Curren$y. If you think the sample sounds familiar – it probably does. It is a different flip of the sample from 93 Til Infinity.

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