Ten Rap Songs You Need To Hear – Number Six

6. Young Gully feat. Jaz – Black Killa

Who – Young Gully, I gotta admit I don’t know enough about this guy.  I was recently introduced to his music through his Grant Station Project mixtape.  The album instantly impressed me and got me to check out his other work.  He is an MC from East Oakland and has released some great mixtapes.  Most notably the aforementioned Grant Project AND another critically acclaimed release: Definition of Gas.  He has a video for 93 Til Infinity, in which members of Heiroglyphics show up as if they are almost anointing him as the future of the the Bay Area rap.

Why You Have To Hear Him – There are a couple reasons you need to hear Young Gully.  First off he is a great MC with great flow, voice, delivery and lyrics.  That is the main reason to listen to anyone really.  There are a couple other higher level reasons though;

First off, The Bay Area is currently home to a surging rap scene that has been getting a lot of online attention. This scene is making some great music and Young Gully is a great way to introduce you to it.  Being introduced to Young Gully has led me to checking out fellow Bay Area rappers like Roach Gigz.

Secondly, his Grant Station mixtape proves socially conscious rap is alive and well.  It is a whole mixtape dedicated to Oscar Grant, a man who was tragically killed in a subway station by a police officer.  It is an album created in the classic “ghetto CNN” vein.  It is good to see people using their music to make a difference, it is refreshing.

The Song – I could have picked any song of of the “The Grant Station Project” mixtape because it is solid all the way through.  Like just about every song on the mix, Young Gully is spitting about why the community and him are angry.  There is obvious animosity between Young Gully and the authorities he views as oppressive and actually dangerous to him and his people.  The opening bars showcase this:

Hey officer, how do you do?  Im just trying to get on my way….
Mr Black Killa, Mr Black Killa
What am I to you?  A murderer or a crack dealer?
A rat, a squealer, a damn gorilla, a cap peeler?
Am I a spade, a coon or just an average nigga?
What do you coppers call us, when you out with your friends?
When your homies got like 4 of us, and you rounded up ten?
Cowards with power, I get sour and stare
At every mom who lost a son, a woman now in despair
It’s unfair

It is clear that Young Gully is voicing some serious issues for him and his community.

He couldn’t pick a better beat to do it over either.  The beat opens up with a great local sample.  A nice drum pattern is layered with some incredible strings and organs.  A funky beat, that allows Young Gully’s lyrics to shine.  Even if you don’t agree or are about his message, check out the song because it is great on it’s own.

Extras –

This is the latest video from Young Gully – great video and even better song

This is the aforementioned 93 Til Infinity Freestyle

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