Ten Rap Songs You Need To Hear: Number Ten

10. Yelawolf – Trunk Muzik

Who – Yelawolf is a rapper based out of Alabama. As soon as you see him you know he is not your typical rapper. He looks more like he belongs on the set of a Rancid video. He is also white, which really isn’t that notable these days to be honest. You can hear him on Big Boi’s new album, on tracks with G-Side or on his latest release “Trunk Muzik 0-60”

Why You Need To Hear This – Yelawolf is a really unique artist. He has some solid lyrics, but it is his delivery you will notice first. He can switch between a normal flow and super fast flow pretty seamlessly, and doesn’t mind doing it a couple times in one verse. He is steadily gaining popularity and his unique flow and image may lead to some serious exposure.  Look for a major label release from Yelawolf in the relatively near future.

The Song –  This song is a solid introduction to Yelawolf.  A slightly spaced out beat that allows his flow to shine.  This song allows Yelawolf to showcase what makes him different.  He seamlessly transitions for a normal flow, to a super fast flow and then to a sing song flow.  He even sings on the hook.  I think most people who hear this song will definitely be interested in his other work.


In this BET Cypher, Yelawolf steals the show from up and comers Wiz Khalifa, and veteran Raekwon.

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