Ten Rap Songs You Need To Hear – Number Three

3. Kanye West & Jay-Z feat. Elly Jackson – That’s My Bitch

Who – You may have heard of these guys before. Kanye West and Jay-Z. They are kind of good at this rap stuff. Have sold millions of records. Each has classic albums. Both played a major part in one of the best albums of the decade – Blueprint. They have tons of number one singles, and in fact Jay-Z has the most ever. If you don’t know either of these guys you are probably a hobo and I can’t even believe you have internet access.

Why You Have To Hear Them – I was trying to stick with lesser known songs for this list, but I felt this song deserved a spot. You have to hear Kanye and Jay-Z because they are two of the best to ever do it. Even the most die-hard “undergound” rap fan (do these people still exist?) have to admit that Kanye and Jay are icons. The reason I think you have to hear this song is because it is a leak off a forthcoming Jay-Z and Kanye collabo album that has the chance to be epic.

The Song – This is the first song we have heard from the upcoming “Watch The Throne” Jay-Z and Kanye West collabo album. The two keys are this. The production is fire, and Jay-Z sounds reenergized. That is all I need to know to get excited. The beat has kind of an old school feel to it actually – almost has a new jack swing feel to it. If you are old enough to know what I mean – kudos. Jay-Z sounds great on this and in fact has sounded great over all the Kanye tracks lately.

Jay’s two verses are standouts on the recent Kanye album that is one of the best albums of the year. That brings up another point. Kanye just dropped what I feel is a modern classic and strong AOTY competitor. He is at the top of his game right now. Combine that fact with a reenergized Jay-Z and this song could be foreshadowing for something truly special.

Now all we need is Jay & Nas to do an album with Preemo and I can retire from blogging happy.

Oh yeah, they do use the term “bitch” a lot on this song. I don’t particularly like the term but if it bothers you that much then…WAH.

Extras –

Here is another classic Jay-Z song produced by Kanye…

One more for good luck ….

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