Ten Rap Songs You Need To Hear – Number Two

2. J. Cole – The Autograph

Who – J.Cole is a rapper from North Carolina. Although he is from Fayetteville, his style is much more New York to me. I think this is because he honed a lot of his skills while attending St. Johns University. He went to St Johns on an academic scholarship and graduated magna cum laude by the way. One of his most notable achievement in his music career came when he was the first rapper to sign to Jay-Z’s new label Roc Nation.

Why You Have To Hear Him – Well first off, Jay-Z made him the first rapper on his new label, so that is a pretty good co-sign. Secondly, he is one of the most interesting up and coming rappers out there. He definitely has the skills and he has an interesting personality. He is really adept at portraying an average guy, or at least what I would consider an average guy. For example, yeah he is educated and socially aware, but he also likes to go to the club, have some drinks and enjoy the company of some ladies. He weaves that personality into his songs, most notably Lights Please. He raps from the perspective of a guy that wants to discuss and educate his girl on social issues, but she just wants to turn off the lights and get down to business. Who is he to disagree?

The SongThe Autograph is a track off J. Cole’s latest mixtape “Friday Night Lights”.  It isn’t my favorite track, but I have talked about his past songs on the blog enough. I wanted to showcase one of his latest works.

The song starts off with a soulful laid back beat courtesy of J. Cole himself. He produces a lot of his own music. I am not sure what he samples here but I’d love to know if anyone does. Some great horns on this.

I think the following lyrics, kind of showcase the personality I talked about earlier…

They say anythings possible,
You gotta dream like you never seen obstacles
Chasing obscene profits so we ain’t stopping for the red lights
Look in my rear view all I see is ni**as headlights
Catch me if you can hoe
They try and sack me and I scramble
Look up in the sky you’ll see exactly where I am bo
Hey, don’t you see me man?
Making my wishes come true with no genie man
I got the keys to my beamer with no Beanie Man
I’m on these rich ni**as ass no bikini man
I bring the real to the day the Lord free me man
Never imagined that the kids would wanna be me man
Eh, could it be that I give the hopeless broke kids, hope
Caught me walking through the mall, looking like he seen a ghost
Silly head to approach, whats up young blood
Aint it strange, a year ago today my ni**a I was counting change
Yeah hopping trains up in New York city
Though I gotta thank God cause if you weren’t with me
Than I surely woulda died
You can throw the fork in me
This my New Years resolution, dawg
No more Pork in me
Uh, I aint no Muslim though
Caron(Qu’ran) butler I’m a wizard if he doesnt know
Its young Simba, I’m ballin’ til the buzzer blow
You try and kick the shit I kick you gon stub your toe
Boy thats just how tough I go
See this is my life work
This shit you callin classic, I be like that might work

Extras –

Here is a live acoustic version of J. Cole’s “Losing My Balance”

This is a track from the past year. It is an RnB track from Miguel, but J. Cole has a couple of verses.

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