The Best Female Fighter?

I guess this blog is a great place to showcase my past times and passions.  If you have read some of my posts, you probably know I have a great respect in MMA (mixed martial arts).  It has quickly became one of my favourite sports and is easily the sport I have purchased the most PPV’s for.

I have made posts about both Fedor and GSP – these two along with Anderson Silva make up the Holy Trinity of MMA.  Remember that cartoon/cereal “Pro-Stars” with Gretzky, Jordan and Bo Jackson?  They would remake that show with the above three guys.  They are all THAT good.

There is one other MMA athlete that holds a place in my heart.  This might throw people for a loop – but it is actually a female MMA star.  Her name is Gina Carano.  She looks like this:


I don’t want to seem like a typical guy here – yes I find her attractive – extremely so, but her skill more than speaks for itself.  She currently has 7 wins and no defeats,  She is roundly hailed as the best female fighter in the world.  She is a top notch Muay Thai practitioner.  She is also a pioneer in the world of female MMA – I think given the chance she could become a crossover, household name.  Oh and she looks like this:


I am sorry – I couldn’t help myself.

I think this is a timely blog post because tomorrow is a HUGE night for Gina.  She will be facing Cristiane Santos at Strikeforce’s inaugural Women’s Championship match.  Santos is definitly in the discussion for best female fighter and a lot of people have her beating Gina.  If Gina can survive though and defeat Santos – she will be named champion and will almost unanimously be thought of as the world’s greatest female fighter.

Oh and she looks like this can DO this:


She definitely doesn’t rely on her good looks.  She is the real deal.  Hopefully tomorrow night Gina proves to the world she isn’t just another pretty face.

“My dad told me to stay in school because he wanted the best from me. But I think I’ve learned some of the best lessons in life from fighting. I don’t have the college degree I was going for, but I have the experiences.”
-Gina Carano-

The Man The Myth The Legend



  • Welp, hats off to Santos who put a beating on Carano Last night. I picked the wrong toughest woman :(

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