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A couple times I have mentioned a rap collective known as Slo Motion Soundz.  They are a collection of rap artists and producers from Huntsville Alabama.

I am not 100% on exactly who or is or isn’t members of Slo Mo but I think the best comparison is The Dungeon Family.  I don’t mean stylistically, but in terms of how the collective is kind of set up.

My latest mix (which also happens to be Volume 2 in my Hip Hop We Got You series focusing on up and coming new rap artists) features one of Slo Mo’s groups – G-Side.  The majority of this mix has been produced by Slo Mo’s Block Beattaz.  Keeping with the Dungeon Family comparison – G-Side would be Outkast and Block Beattaz would be Organized Noise.

Anyways in my personal opinion G-Side had the best release in 2008 (Starshipz and Rocketz) and the best release this past year (Huntsville International).

I find it pretty sad that these guys are more popular.  I am happy to report they are finally getting some shine but not nearly as much as they deserve.  Here are a couple links to some press they have received:

NY Times



So they are getting a bit of notice, but not nearly as much as they deserve.

The whole Slo Mo collective is full of great talent, but I focused on G-Side (and the production team of Block Beattaz) because they are my favorite.  G-Side is made up of two rappers ST and Clova.  No offense to anyone, but my one issue with these guys may be that ST seems to regularly outshine Clova and in most cases quite dramatically.  ST is a seriously good rapper.

The music G-Side makes is great.  The production is lush, full and includes some amazing sample work.  Block Beattaz have the sample game locked down.  There is no fear when it comes to who they sample.  They sample trance records, classic soul, current hits,soul glo commercial from Coming To America and even the Poltergeist theme.

Some of their music is definitely for partying and if you need all of your music to make some political point or to be the “CNN of the Ghetto” then you might not feel that.  If you are savvy enough to know that music doesn’t have to teach and preach, just move you then you won’t.  But that is the great thing about G-Side – they can definitely rock the crowd, but they have a lot of songs that have a meaning to them.  Take this verse from ST (So Wonderful, Track 16):

My President is black, but we still in Iraq/
And we still in the hood and pills are the new crack/
And we still getting sick and can’t afford a doctor/
And the real terrorists be the motherfucking coppers/
and yeah its a recession and some people lost everything/
But im from the section where we never had anything/
We developed habits trying to help with the madness/
Trying to lessen the sadness, and end up becoming addicts/
Borrowed 10 grand just to get into college/
Shit i wasted 10 grad, i didn’t finish college/
Im in debt 10 grand, yo im black and jobless/
Shit i bet ten grand, i aint stoppin till its boppin/
And if i could juuuuust/
Stop smoking cigareeeeeettes/
And give this weed a resssssst/
And quit telling every girl that I meet that she the bessssst/
And they say you cant change the world with song/
So uh i did this here to prove them wrong/

A lot of G-Sides subject matter talks about their lives in Huntsville, and I appreciate the honesty in most of their lyrics.

I guess the easiest thing to do is just give you the download link.  A couple things to mention, this mix is in a rough chronological order, starting with their earlier work (Sumthin 2 Hate, 80z Baby) and moving to their more recent (Starshipz.., Hunstville International).  Me personally, I love the end of this mix.  A couple friends of mine like the start. It is really all about personal preference.  If you don’t like the start, skip a few tracks, the end of the album is significantly different than the start.

Oh yeah the obligatory warning – the subject matter and lyrics on this album MAY offend some people.




  1. Kathy Hughes Intro
  2. Do My Thing
  3. Pray
  4. Alpine ticks
  5. Ice Kissaz
  6. What R U Smoking
  7. Smoke, Write (Over Lupe’s Kick, Push)
  8. Take Sumthin’
  9. We Own The Building
  10. Hit Da Block
  11. Speed of Sound
  12. Run Thingz
  13. Huntsville International
  14. In The Rain
  15. Rising Sun
  16. So Wonderful


I also wanted to add a couple links here:

Southern Hospitality
Traps n Trunks

These two blogs kept me up to date on the Slo Mo crew while the rest of the world slept.

  • hunkE

    btw Run Thingz is the BOMB. every person I play it for loves it instantly (mostly EDM fans)

  • hunkE

    PROPS G-side are the most underrated and slept on southern rap group, criminally slept on IMO. oh and the Block Beattaz? shiiiiit. two of the best rap producers of all time. 'Rollin' is a CLASSIC

  • airmax

    good stuff

  • Codie G

    Thanks for the write up. G-Sides Manager.

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