The Business of Learning From Mistakes

I missed a couple days again – no real issue this time, it is just that I was away from the computer all weekend.

On Saturday I went to a friend’s new place for a BBQ and spent the night there. It is his parents place actually and it is in the country. I know a couple days ago I lumped small town living with all rural settings. Not really fair actually. A country setting is significantly different than a small town setting. I definitely think I could learn to enjoy it. Very quiet, the sky is filled with stars..oh and you can have a large bonfire.

Sunday morning we got up early and went to an all day concert. I can safely say that at the ripe age of 29 (for another 2 weeks that is) I am done with festival style concerts. This concert was in an old airplane hangar, so it was just a large concrete floor basically. Spending all day in that kind of space isn’t ideal for me. I think once I get into even better shape I might change my mind though.

I think one of my gripes is just with the way the venue was run. There was a ton of sound problems. I know this place has had hundreds of concerts, so sound problems like that should be an easy fix.

The sound wasn’t the major problem though, at least not in my opinion. The main problem was just basic comfort. There was nowhere to sit, nothing at all. There was a concrete floor. I think the odd bench could be put into some key areas of the hall.

Even worse were the food/drink vendors. There were not nearly enough people working to meet demands. To get into a line, even during a performance was an hour-plus ordeal. In a hot setting like that, you need to keep yourself very hydrated. This hall did a very poor job of making sure people were hydrated.

I think my main frustration lies in the fact that I know this place hosts concerts of this size ALL the time. I know that for a fact. I am sure the very same problems have been faced with other concerts, and yet it seems like they learned nothing. I work with Justin at Ignite Your Essence, and I can tell you that we approach business very differently. If someone is dissatisfied with us, we make sure they end up satisfied. If we notice we are doing something wrong or inefficiently we take steps to change. Since I have worked at Ignite and tried to help build a business, I get MORE frustrated when I am mistreated as a customer.

In spite of all the venues shortcomings though, it was a great concert. I saw some acts that I have wanted to see forever, and also saw one of my favourite current artists. I got to spend good times with good friends, and no matter how much the venue tried, it couldn’t ruin that.

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