The Choice Is Yours

Small town or big city?

What is your choice? I am including all rural settings as small town by the way.
There is a lot to be said about either choice. I know people from the city who would never dream of moving to a small town. I also know small town people who are literally scared of the city.

Where would you choose?

Small towns do feel a little more secure, they are definitely quieter. I am not sure if people are actually friendlier, that might be a stereotype. However, you do see the same people more than you might in a city, so there is a certain familiarity that builds. Small towns are more closely located to wilderness. That can be a negative or positive. Since I like to fish and get out to the cottage, it is a plus. Small towns definitely feel safer. I know there are probably studies done that show how safe cities per capita, but I have lived in both situations, and small towns definitely feel safer.

The downside is gossip; I know this happens in microcosms in the City, like apartment or work gossip, but nothing like small town gossip. It has a life of its own. When I lived in Toronto, I could go to the Westside and be pretty sure whatever I did would not travel to my place (eastside). Now that I am in Shelburne, ON (pop. 5000). I can trip on the church steps, and before I can even dust myself off, people at Coffee Time will be laughing about it. (That’s for the locals)

Big cities are fun. There is a tonne of things to do. There are so many clubs, theatres, restaurants, attractions, sports and etc… There is always something to do, 7 days a week. The food selection is amazing. In Toronto I can go out for any ethnic food imaginable. I use to live walking distance from Ethiopian, Chinese, Middle Eastern, Jamaican, Mexican, British, Italian, Vietnamese and Thai restaurants. That is just off the top of my head as well. The entertainment is great, but there are a lot of other things going on in the city, like social programs and unique schooling. There are high schools geared towards the arts and the trades. I know for a fact, that in my small town high school, those schools would have been much appreciated. I also love the multiculturalism of the city. You interact with people from all over the world daily. Big cities seem like great examples of global cooperation.

I can’t really draw a conclusion about my preference. I know when I was 18 though; the city was the place to be. I think now I am really torn. Maybe a couple years from now I will be all about small town living. I can’t really tell. I don’t mind these lazy summer small town nights, but I can’t help thinking I am not done with the city quite yet. We will see.

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