The Cowardly Racist


Due to my internet marketing background – I have a pretty well rounded knowledge of internet forums and blogs.  From my experiences I have noticed a new trend with the close minded bigots of the internet.

First off, bigots and racists LOVE the internet.  Although a majority of them haven’t embraced such technological advances like the toothbrush, they have fully embraced the internet.  And why not?  Where else can you hide behind a computer screen, wrapped up in the soothing embrace of anonymity?  The internet has been a wonderful tool for most, for some it is just a sounding ground for their ignorant beliefs.

Oh well, the good with the bad I guess.

At one time a bigot was just a good ol’ fashioned bigot.  He hated other people for stupid reasons and he let it be known.  Obviously this creates backlash.  So does the bigot notice this backlash and then look deep inside himself for answers?  No – too difficult.  Instead the bigot pretends just to be an everyday normal person…and is completely offended if you dare call them a racist.

It is the old bait and switch.  These new net bigots will exhibit all the old traits that his fellow bigots of past glorified.  But they will do it while loudly proclaiming they are no bigot!

Go into a random internet forum and look at some of the threads.  You will have a poster talk about how he doesn’t think Obama was born here, gays shouldn’t be allowed to get married, black people are genetically disposed to crime, any group that helps African Americans is racist, affirmative action is racist, white people need to unite and fight back blah blah blah.

Then someone dares call this guy a bigot or racist – and he LOSES it.

“OMG I think it is sad that in this day and age people who share their thoughts are labeled racists…I am not racist, my cousin’s neighbour has a black friend!”

Then the thread devolves into a free speech argument.

Yes free speech exists and yes so do bigots.  And guess what – if you hold on to a bunch of bigoted stances and morals then you are a BIGOT.  Feigning anger towards that label, doesn’t change this Bubba.

I was sitting around a couple months ago and was playing the UFC video game at a party.  The person I was fighting, I didn’t know too well.  He was using a black character.  At one point he was losing and he said “ Oh come on you stupid….nigger.”  But he said the n-word very tentatively and almost whispered it.  You could tell he was testing it’s use in the room.


If you are racist at least be man enough to back up your beliefs.  Don’t be afraid to be who you are.  If you are man enough to utter a racial epitaph in front of strangers – then be man enough to accept the consequences.

Everyone ignored him and he didn’t mention it again, but I bet he was just chomping at the teeth for someone to laugh or back him up.  The slur made me think dude was a douche…but the cowardly meek way he uttered it made me think even worse of him.

Saying it like he did, just proved he was not only a racist but a coward.

The fact is – racists are scared to show their true colors because they know that most normal people will look at them like they are fossils.  Better yet, people might call them out on their beliefs.  They KNOW they have no real footing to stand on and they can’t back up their beliefs.  They are relegated to sneaking around and grasping any chance at anonymity that they can find.

That is why the internet is full of them.

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  • Brutaltruth000

    cool story, brah

  • ugk

    Bang on the money.
    Example. Go to youtube and watch videos of:
    a) White criminal
    b) Black criminal

    I guarantee that with a) the comments will condemn the criminal as a 'bad person', 'Needs mental help' etc
    With b) You will find endless numbers of people saying 'N word' and various racist remarks.
    I have pointed this out and asked all these racist people why they feel the need to condemn a white criminal as a 'bad person' and yet a black person is a criminal because he is a ''?
    But this is a waste of time ofcourse. Sometimes i just probe to catch them out.
    One guy sent me a message on youtube saying 'Im not racist and i have black friends...............'
    I agreed with some of what he was telling me, but he still came across as a hater who want to make stereotypical remarks and mass exaggeration.
    so i replied by pointing out a fact that sort of countered his argument.
    And he instantly replied ''.
    Just another con artist i exposed.

  • It's funny how bigots don't think they're bigots. They always have some rationalization for their screwed up beliefs. I've heard them say, I'm not a racist, I have a (insert race here)friend!

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