The Expendables Trailer

I am not a huge fan of action movies.  I don’t mind killing a couple hours now and then by watching a really good one though.  I was really surprised by the last Rambo for example, didn’t think Sly had it in him still – well he did.

Some of my favorite actions stars and the action movies I liked them in are below:

Sly: Rambo, Cobra
Arnold: Conan, Commando, Predator, True Lies
Jason Statham: The Transporter, Crank
Dolph Lundgren: He-Man, Universal Soldier
Bruce Willis: Die Hard
Jet Li: Hero, Fearless

That is a pretty good list of “action stars”.  The first names really made me think of my childhood – the action film reigned supreme in the late 80’s and early 90’s….That list is also here for another reason.  ALL of these men will be in the new movie THE EXPENDABLES.  How epic is that?  All my childhood Action Heros in ONE movie.  One movie that is a throwback to the age of mindless kick ass action flicks! YESSSSSSSSSSSS!

Also, to add a little more kickass into the cast, the movie also stars Stone Cold (who spent years pretending to kickass) and Randy Couture (who in his mid 40’s is still professionally kickingass for real).


Below is the trailer for The Expendables…or as I have dubbed it, the trailer for “The Most Epic Collection of KickAss Ever Rolled Into One Movie”

  • LOL @ stone cold spending his year pretending to kick ass. This movie should have happened like 20 years ago. I think there was a rumor back then when Arnold and Sly were supposed to have a movie based on the video game Contra from the NES. Still, it's really awesome that these great cast of characters finally appear in one single film (finally!)

  • I may turn the clock back 20 yrs (on my body) and find a couple hours for that too! I didn't know Ahnold is back acting!

  • I would guess he doesn't have many crazy action scenes...but I am not sure after watching the new Rambo - Sly has gotta be around the same age and he was the same ol Rambo (although I know he loves the human growth hormone)

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