The Friendly Flu


Sick as a dog.

I do not know how I got sick, but I definitely know I AM sick. I felt kind of off when I went to bed, but it was full blown by morning. I did some website updates around nine am. Then around ten, I left for the gym; I walked like 20 feet before I turned around and went directly to bed. It is about seven pm now and I haven’t been up much of that time at all.

I am hoping it is just a 24 hour bug.

My main problem with being sick isn’t just the horrible feeling, I also miss the gym. Ignite Your Essence founder Justin used to always tell me that he missed going to the gym on days off. I thought to myself: I will never ever feel that way.

Today, I am missing the gym a lot. It isn’t that the gym is the most fun a person can have. You just get a lot of thoughts in your head. It has been like four days since I have been to the gym. I am constantly worrying about a loss of strength. I worry about loss of cardio. It isn’t a bad worry though; I just don’t want to lose the momentum I have. I want to go in there and make some serious strides on my strength.

I have gone up exponentially in a lot of areas, so I want to see exactly what I can accomplish. I definitely want to be doing ten reps of 120lbs for my incline dumbbell press. I think I can manage that by the end of August. That is just one goal I have set. I know I can probably double my leg press weight in about a month. I also think I have a ton of room for improvement with my military press.

My biggest problem with the military press is I am kind of afraid of it. One of my first days training I hurt myself on it and my shoulder was miserable for 3 days. I think once I get over that mental hurdle i will start putting up some more serious weight.

Meet some really interesting people at the gym as well. This one guy that I seem to always run into is a gym teacher at my old public school, Centennial Highlands. I started talking to him about basketball and that is our main point of discussion. Now I don’t know how legit this is, but one of the kids who work at the gym said that he used to play on the Canadian National Basketball team. He also played for Benetton of the Italian League. That is the former home of current Raptor, Andrea Bargnani. I asked him about it and he did say it was true, but I don’t even know his last name so I can’t tell you. I usually think the best of people so I will assume he isn’t lying. If he is lying, oh well at least I hear some great stories.

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