The Ladies of Curling Vancouver 2010

I recently had a facebook status that talked about how I had never noticed the beautiful woman of curling. This Olympics has opened my eyes to that. The status got a lot of comments about people noticing the same thing – so I decided to break it down a bit further on my blog.

Now this may offend some people – I shouldn’t be demeaning these athletes by talking about their physical appearance. Fair enough, that is why I made sure to showcase not just the most beautiful female curlers, but some of the best curlers (male OR female) in the entire world.

I made my own rules up – I would choose my five favourite ladies of curling at these Olympic games. I wanted each of my choices to come from different teams (Most of the Japan and Russian team could have made an appearance on here) and I wanted to make sure these ladies were legitimate world class talents.

So without further ado, I present my Top 5 Ladies of Curling (Vancouver 2010 Edition):

5. Ludmilla Privivkova – Russia

Why I Chose Her: Russia is really looking towards the 2014 Olympics on home soil. They have not had great results in this years Olympics since they have sent such a young team. Ludmilla is no exception, although she probably won’t medal it is very impressive that as a 19 year old she is skipping her national team in the Olympics. Although not expected to be on the podium I think it is very impressive and a good sign for Russia that their 19 year old skip was able to beat such curling heavyweights as the Chinese and the Swedes, especially considering the veteran world class skips on both of those teams.


4. Melanie Robillard & Stella Heiss – Germany

Why I Chose Them: Well I was only going to choose one member from a team, but once i found this picture of Melanie, it was hard to leave Stella out.  I am not going to lie, I noticed both of these ladies when they played Canada.  They are not medal hopefuls but they are still world class atheletes, and everyone of their losses was very close.  If this team sticks together Germany could grow into a future World Championship/Olympic contender.

3. Madeleine Dupont – Denmark

Why I Chose Her: Here is another young and up and coming skip (seems these Olympics are full of them).  Although they were just shy of playing in the medal rounds – they were very impressive throughout the tournament.  Considering that Madeleine is only 22, look for Denmark to continue to improve and possibly medal in the future.  This was the only non-curling shot I used…I wanted to use all curling shots but could not find a good quality pic of her curling, so I settled for the glamour shot.


2. Cheryl Bernard – Canada

Why I Chose Her: CANADA!  I had to rep Canada on here.  In fact Cheryl is probably a gold medal favourite (her or the Chinese team).  What sets Cheryl apart from the other people on this list?  Well she is a medal favourite for one, but also – she is 43!  Cheryl Bernard surprised everyone by qualifying for the Olympics (over Jones) but she has been great so far, and has looked wonderful doing it.  There was no way I was leaving Cheryl off this list. She has kind of a Sarah Palin like thing going for her…and I don’t mean she is a babbling moron…she just has it going on for a 43 year old.


1. Eve Muirhead – Great Britain

Why I Chose Her: Well like all of my list she is easy on the eyes.  But if you want to talk about accomplishments then Eve Muirhead needs to be the top of everyone’s list.  Great Britain will not medal this year in the Olympics but the future is looking pretty bright with Eve Muirhead skipping them.  She is only 19, so she will only get better.  What is most impressive is her meteoric rise in the curling world.  She has won the World Junior Curling Championship 3 times (07/08/09), she was skip on two of those, and will probably be skip (and win) in the 2010 Junior Championship.  Even more mind blowing..she skipped her team to the Junior Scottish Championship game…WHEN SHE WAS 13!  A 21 and under national tournament and she got to the finals as a 13 year old skip, unbelievable!


I am a guy who was never really into curling but the sport has a lot of strategy that makes it appealing.  It sure doesn’t hurt that the women of curling are so hot either, but it is their skill and use of strategy that really makes the ladies on my list stand out from the pack.


  • All the girl athlete you post here are all beautiful and really good in their sport. But if I have to choose a favorite base on looks, well I totally like Melanie and Stella from Germany. They both look simple but really appealing.

  • All the coverage of these girls, has some mention of their looks. But I think you missed out on the Chinese model.

  • Wow...never knew about that... *runs to google image search*

  • sexy girls ;) from Russia with Love

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