The Sports Roundup

Time for a quick sports round up.

I have 3 favourite teams:
NHL: Maple Leafs
NBA: Raptors
NFL: Saints

I’m going to take this time to address each team, since this is the wonderful time of year when all three sports are starting and/or in full force. As you will notice I didn’t put a baseball team in there – the fact is baseball is lame and it sucks.  Well, not really, but the Jays have ruined it for me – former GM JP Ricciardi  kept his job WAY too long.  Yes firing him, will likely lead to my return to fandom, but the mere fact he was employed as long as he was will make it a long recovery process.

Without further ado….

NHL – Maple Leafs

Oh my god – worst start ever.  That is not hyperbole – this is really the worst start to a Leas campaign…ever.  It really sucks that the NHL is more talented than it has been for YEARS, there are over a handful of really great young superstars, and I am stuck watching these clowns play.  They can’t score, they can’t defend and they have no goaltending.  Awesome.

The bright side is Brian Burke is in the midst of rebuilding this team, so I will be patient.  Kessel is out until November so it isn’t fair to judge this team yet.  Also THE MONSTER is currently injured, so that is another problem – not sure how good he is or can be.

Kessel’s returns sparks the offense, he will end up playing well with rookie Stalberg and they will actually give Toronto a line that can score. THE MONSTER will return and win the starting job since the other goalies apparently suck.  THE MONSTER will lead Toronto to an 8th or 7th place finish in the East.  A first round sweep by either Washington or Pittsburgh will ensue.

NBA – Raptors

Pre season is almost over, and the Raps haven’t won a lot of games.  You know what that means?  Nothing.  No one should care about pre season records, and if you do you are a hard on.  That is especially true in this case. The raps are basically completely new.  The core of Bosh, Bargnani and Calderon is in place, but they are surrounded by a pretty much completely new cast.

The newcomers include Turkgolu, Amir Johnson, Marco Belinelli, Jarret Jack, Reggie Evans and more.  It will take a while for this team to fuse.  Another thing I think about the preseason is I think they need more reporters talking about Bosh being a free agent after this year.  I don’t think mentioning it 5000 times a day is quite enough.

5th in the East.  I think the team will mesh well.  Bargnani will continue to develop and having Jack as a back up will propel Calderon to a career year.  Belinelli will have a break out season, and get most improved player consideration.

NFL – Saints

CHYEAH!  The best offense in Football is back.  Brees is kiiiiiiiiiiiling it.  The running game is good enough to get the job done on his rare off nights.  Pierre Thomas continues being a huge surprise.  Reggie Bush isn’t the start they thought he would be, but he is still game changing and is probably the best used decoy in the entire league.  He needs to hold on to the ball though.  Best Wide Receiver core outside of Arizona as well.

Oh yeah – guess who has a defense now?  Saints made a genius hiring choice in D Coordinator Gregg Williams.  They also made sure he had some key additions to the weak secondary.   Jabari Greer has been matched up against some great WR’s and has played them well. The biggest addition was Darren Sharper though.  The FS most people said was too old, currently leads the league in INT’s and Defensive Touchdowns.  It is nice to see the young guys like Porter and Harper develop as well.

In my heart I think the Saints are at best the Rams of yesteryear that won the Championship largely behind the play of Warner and his WR core.  A Superbowl prediction is obviously a little ridiculous at this point.  I do feel confidant I will be enjoying some football playoff action this year though.  A trip to the NFC championship is quite possible.

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