The Switch To Word Press

Alright – if you follow my blog then you now know that I have made the move from blogger to my own self-hosted WordPress blog.

The switch to self-hosting was a simple choice – if you want complete power of your own blog you need to have it on your own host.  That’s simple.

The switch to WordPress is also a given in my opinion.  There are a lot of ways to make websites otu there – but if you want a suggestion on how to build your own – then my vote will go to WordPress.

It is significantly easier than building a site from scratch with html, it is also better quality than using software like FrontPage.  You can notice the difference between my old blgo and this current one.  It only took me a couple hours to create this new site.

I simply bought a template and customized it.  The customization took me about an hour…that is it.  That is the beauty of WordPress.  Here is a link to the original theme: Lifestyle Theme.  I could have customized this even further without much trouble.

Another great benefit of using WordPress to build your website is that i is simple to update.  You log in and make your post.  Simple as can be.  Now for blogs that is par for the course, that is how all blogs work.  But you can use WordPress to make more traditional websites too.  Then updating your website is as easy as making a blog post.  If you own a store who has different sales every month, you can log on and change the sale notice in minutes.  If you have an HTML site, you are most likely going to have to get your web designer to do it – and probably at an added cost.  You might be a DIY kind of person but you will still have to download the html file with the sales information, edit the html in some sort of editor and then reupload it.  Not a great use of time.

HTML is still very useful and I understand it may be better for some applications – but if you are a do it yourself type of person who wants to build a website then I think WordPRess is a great choice.  Easy to customize, easy to update and looks modern and professional.

I also suggest buying a theme – there are a lot of free themes available but when you buy a theme you get top notch quality and more importantly – top notch support.  Every single problem I have come across when building sites wit these themes – has been answered within hours on the theme’s support forums.

Making the move to WordPress was a no brainer for me, and I think f you are fumbling around with an old HTML site you should seriously consider it.

EDIT: The Man, The Myth, The Legend title – is an inside joke and experiment – I will explain more someday

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