The Weeknd: Thursday (REVIEW)

The Weeknd - Thursday (REVIEW)


What a great morning surprise, log onto Facebook – check out my updates and not far down the page – Drake has a link to Weeknd’s latest mixtape – Thursday.  DOWNLOAD HERE

I think his mixape earlier in the year is a strong contender for album of the year…can this possibly live up to that standard?  Time to find out…

The mixtape opens with Lonely Star sampling Kanye’s Robocop – it works, it sounds great and Weeknd flexes the vocal muscles on this and kills it.

Life of the party opens with another Kanye sample (Monster) but it has almost a reggae feel.  I am not loving this track to be honest – Weeknd is good on it but not feeling the production.

The title track is next, and this is the Weeknd I want to hear.  I like the production on this a lot more than the last track.  A really simple hook, but Weeknd sounds great on it.

The Zone is my fav track so far – by far.  I loved the subdued production especially when the beat hits – and Weekend’s vocals at the start of the track are kind of haunting almost.  Just when I thought this song was as good as it gets, that guitar sample kicks in.  Dope.  Surprise verse from Drake at the end too!  He kills it!  T-Dot What!!!

The Birds (Part 1 and Part 2) follow.  Part one is typical Weeknd, until the last 30 seconds when he just shows off that falsetto over an almost acoustic accompaniment.   Part two opens with a familiar guitar sample I can’t place.    Another great song – typical Weeknd vocals over the production you should be used to now.

Gone opens up a bit differently, with a bit of a bouncy beat, of course there is typical Weeknd distortion layered with a couple samples/sounds a few seconds in.  This is as close to a pop record as I have heard him on.  But even then, it is still sooooo unmistakably Weeknd.

Rolling Stone is a track I have heard for awhile – it was one of the first tracks I heard after his last mixtape.  I love it. Probably the most minimalistic song I have heard Weekend on.  No real vocal effects – just his voice (which is great) over a stripped down beat.  Reminds me of the last 30 seconds of The Birds (Part 1).

Heaven or Las Vegas – Very similar to Life of The Party (same guitar licks?) but I think this is a much more successful attempt at this sound.  A nice way to end the album.

All in all another great release from Weeknd.  I really have to check this out more thoroughly.  I just listened to this once, and I think I  need to really let it sink in.  On first listen though – a great follow up.  As of now I like his last mixtape better – but give me a minute to let this one sink in.

Check this guy out, he might be the next dude from Toronto to blow up internationally.

Stand Outs
Rolling Stone
The Zone

Let Downs
Life of The Party

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