Top 10 of ’10…So Far


I know it is early but I thought I would throw a quick compilation together of my favourite 10 rap songs of the yer so far.  I don’t know if these are actually my favs but they are all songs I liked a lot and I will explain why I put all ten on this mix.

Also that is J. Cole on the cover – he is awesome and is featured on 2 songs on this compilation.  I fully expect him to blow up this year so I put him on the cover as kind of a 2010 MVP prediction.


1. B.O.B feat T.I. – Bet I Bust (remix): This is one of those songs I wouldn’t classify as one of my favourite – it just isn’t my style.  I had to throw it on here for a couple reasons.  First it is infectious and is probably one of my more “accessible” choices.  I also chose it because it features B.O.B, another rapper who should have a BIG 2010.  The last reason is it has a post-jail T.I. appearance and he rips it – sounds as good as ever.  here is hoping Tip stays out of jail and puts together a great album!

2. B.O.B feat. J Cole – Gladiators: Great song here, no other reason to put it on.  J. Cole RIPS it.

3. King Driis – Hold On: This song is by…STRINGER BEL!  Yes Stringer Bell from The Wire fame – the thug with brains!  I was surprised that he rapped first of all, I was even more surprised by the jafaican ragamuffin style.  The biggest surprise was that 9th Wonder didn’t produce a beat that SUCKED.

4. Aloe Blacc – I Need A Dolla: I have posted about this song before – best song of ’10 so far IMO.  So infectious – I sing this at the top of my lungs after my 14th coffee of the morning.

5. Yelawolf feat. Prince Cyhi & Pill – I Wish: Token white rapper appearance! It is also a pretty kick ass rock inspired rap tune.  A good gym song.

6. Birdman feat. Lil Wayne & Tyga – Loyalty: Maybe the biggest surprise on my least to me.  I think Birdman and Tyga both stink and Lil Wayne has been an auto tune weirdo for a minute now.  For some weird reason it all works here, and Wayne spits an actual rap verse :O .  The beat steals the show though – just great.

7. Jackie Chain – Mack A B****: Annnnnd the controversy begins.  Alright I prefer my rap to have a little more substance than a rapper rapping about pimping women.  I don’t like the mysogyny but you know what I do like?  I like the beat.  I also like the fact that I am listening to a long haired Asian rapper from Alabama.  Proof positive rap is universal.  I also like the fact that this pisses the hipsters off.  Alabama has a burgeoning rap scene and it has become a hipster fav…hipsters suck.  I don’t want to go watch a rap crowd full of dudes in ironic T-Shirts, ironically drinking PBR and wearing $1500 sneakers with thick framed glasses missing lenses. Thank you Jackie Chain for being a long haired Alamaba rapper and pissing off the hipsters who only like rap to be ironic anyways.  Thank you.

8. Big KRIT feat. Curren$y & Smoke DAZA – No Wheaties: Just a great song – Big KRIT seems to always deliver and Curren$y is rounding into one hell of a rapper.  I never thought I would say that after hearing him in his Young Money days.  The beat uses the same sample as 93 Til Infinity (only like the best song ever) but slips it a bit differently.

9. Drake – Over: Some people might be surprised to see this on here – the response in the blogosphere to this song has been lukewarm.  Well I love it.  First off…TORONTO!  Secondly – Drake comes out rapping on this – how many people thought his first single was gonna be some really soft song about girls? Lastly, I like the hook – a lot of people hate it – but I love these hooks like this (Forever is another example) where Drake seems to just be honest.

“Oh, yeah, that’s right, I’m doin’ me, I’m doin meeeeeeeee, I’m livin’ life right now, mayne”
Love singing that shit at the top of my lungs!

10. Young Chris feat. J. Cole – Still The Hottest: Alright my friends know I am a Jay-Z fan…some would say a “Stan” this song is a must for me!  It reminds me of the heyday of Rocafella records!  I love love love the start of J. Cole’s verse (which he rips)

“Look, This is the ROC B****, the new ROC B*****”
YEAHHHHHHHHHHH  Makes me throw up the diamond every time the song comes on!

J. Cole is amazing and so is his verse.  Young Chris is one of the most underrated rappers around.  I think his major problem is Jay-Z pretty much stole his flow for Kingdom Come and kind of killed that “whisper” rap with that horrible album.  Too bad because Young Chris can rap, period.

I hope you enjoy this compilation – I make no claims that this music is good for the soul or mind – just good for the ears.  That is what music really is about right?  I take no responsibility if you are offended by any music on here…download at your own risk

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  • Klingding17

    how is a fuck head about to say eminem is white trash? he raps about his life when lil wayne raps about pussy, sex and drugs, eminems a real rap singer, fuck off yo.

  • What do you guys think should also be on the list. Make sure you check out my second part of the Best Rap Songs of 2010, then suggest me more for my year end. I did the part 2 half way through year so there has to be some more great rap songs drop since then.

    Some of the Kanye GOOD Friday tracks have to make it.

  • Blacknblu420

    Lovin' the ones that I could find on Limewire. Great rap songs.

  • sryan

    sorry but this list sucks a dick

  • As of March last year that was the best list in the history of the internet.

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