Top 20 Songs of ’08 (Part One)

Now I think anyone who has read this blog will know that I have a problem thinking about things to write about. Luckily sometimes people leave a comment that gives me some ideas. A couple posts ago someone asked me what else was in my top 20 songs of 08. What a perfect way to kill 500 words. Heck, why not split it into two parts and waste two posts on it. Good idea.

So here is my top 20 songs of ‘08. Today will be #20-#10. Now one thing to keep in mind is this was off the top of my head so the list isn’t 100% accurate. I also chose to leave off a number of songs due to their questionable content. So really this is my Top 20 songs that I hope aren’t completely objectionable to everyone. The list is also in no order, #10 isn’t necessarily any better than #20.

Some of the songs on this list still do have some explicit content but I will let you know before you click the link.

Without further ado…

#20 Busy Signal – Ghetto Yutes

Well I am a sucker for the acoustic guitar and reggae singer combo, so this song was easy to pick. Busy Signal is a great up and coming reggae star with a great voice and this song has a cool message as well.

#19 Erykah Badu – Soldier

Erykah Badu is one of my favourite artists ever. Her album this year was pretty experimental with some odd songs. I would have rather heard her just sing her butt off. However, the album did have some outstanding tracks, with this one being my favourite.

#18 Drake – Say You Will ***explicit content – a little bit of swearing***

This dude hit me out of nowhere. He is more widely known as “Wheelchair Jimmy” from Degrassi: The Next Generation. Since he was from a teen drama and his first song he came out with was sappy I had written him off completely. His mixtape was very surprising. He has a good flow and some slick rhymes. He is from Toronto as well, so that get’s him some points. This track uses a Kanye beat.

#17 Killer Mike – God is in The Building
***explicit content – swearing and criminal content***

This is my gym song of the year! The beat is simply EPIC. I am not sure what it samples but it is very familiar. Throw this on your ipod if you need some inspiration to get that third set done.

#16 Ino Hidefumi – The Way is The Way is The Way

Now this is to calm things down a bit after the last song. It is an instrumental from a Japanese producer. I guess you would classify it as instrumental hip-hop, but it is very laid back. This is my thinking or working music.

#15 Knonam – Length of the Blade

I don’t know this guy at all really. Someone sent me his mixtape and I checked it out. The mixtape is based on 80’s samples. This song has such an OBVIOUS sample, but I can’t think of the actual song that it samples. You will KNOW it for sure. Although I wasn’t feeling the album this song was pretty crazy and kind of chilling. First he raps as his father who almost died when he got stabbed, and then he raps as his mother who was told she couldn’t have children. It is a cool little story track.

#14 Belleruche – Anything You Want

This is a band that I got introduced to last year. I like there style a lot actually. I don’t know who to compare them to though. They have a kind of soulful sound but it is upbeat. I think the singer is the stand out though; she has a great and unique voice.

#13 Solange – T.O.N.Y

Alright stop laughing at me! Yeah I know it is kind of funny that I put a Solange song on here. You know what is even funnier? I could have put like 5 songs from her album on here. Beyonce’s little sister dropped a cool little album. She doesn’t have the voice of her sister but Solange definitely made the better album last year. NO DOUBT. A real old school vibe to the album. Yeah I’ll say it, Solange put out a great album.

#12 BSBD & Jean Grae – Strikes

BSBD (Blue Sky Black Death) are a great production team. They have been dropping some very interesting beats the past year. They are kind of out there but nothing inaccessible IMO. Jean Grae is simply the best female MC out there and probably the best since Lauryn Hill. Definitely worth checking out.

#11 David Banner – When You Hear What I Got To Say

David Banner – weird dude. He puts out some weird music. He will be quick to put out some booty shaking anthem, or whatever the popular trend is at the time, but he also drops some gems. This is a very cool beat, and he talks about some cool subject matter. I think if he rapped like this all the time, I would definitely check him out a lot more.

There is the first instalment. That was more work than I thought, I could have came out and BS’d 500 words easier than that. So check out some of the songs and let me know what you think in the comment section. I know my music taste isn’t for everyone and I have no allusions of it being great or even good, but hopefully you will at least get put on to one or two new songs.

EDIT: All the links work – some of them just seem to take a while to play.

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