Toronto Internet Marketing Course: Resounding Success!

Well believe it or not I find some time in between sports rants and album reviews to do some actual work!

To my friends and family this may come as a huge surprise.

December 1st and 2nd was the first (of many!) internet marketing seminar that my good friends and colleagues Brad Gosse and Justin Popovic (Success) took the point on.  They were the key instructors for the course.  If you want to learn anything about internet marketing – then check out Brad’s blog, he has a good a grasp on making money online as anyone.  If you are interested in success in general and want to get motivated and inspired – check out Justin’s site!  Some great material on both sites.

They did a great job presenting the material.  I’d also like to thank Claire and Megan because without them this would have been impossible!  Plus they added to the good looking ratio of the room. 🙂

Anyways, this seminar went really well.  Having done some smaller seminars in the past, we had a good idea of the challenges we would face and I think we dealt with them all well.

I was hidden away, working remotely from Shelburne, ON.  I was setting up the WordPress powered websites that all attendees left the seminar with!  Pretty great value there.  We not only taught people how to promote themselves online, they also received the vehicle they needed to do it.

Besides a couple Hostgator issues (which were quickly worked out with the help of their great support) it ran pretty smoothly.  If you are looking for web hosting I really think Hostgator is the way to go.  You can learn more about them here:

I think the attendees got a lot out of the seminar and I think they really enjoyed it.  One of the attendees is a friend of mine and he said his only worry was that he learned too much!  Never a bad thing at a seminar, the workbook and DVDs we give them, will help people remember what they learned.

Thanks to everyone who came out!  Stay tuned for info on the next seminar.

Check out some pics below, I believe that these were shot by the incomparable Claire.  Amongst the litany of skills Claire and Brad have, professional photography is on the list.

  • When I first got into Internet marketing, I felt completely overwhelmed until I came across several articles on the internet about the basics of Internet Marketing. I broke down what I should be doing and how to get started with the Internet marketing basics instead of assuming I knew how to find keywords or how to set up a website.

  • Great summary Ted. Even though you were not there in person, we all know you had our back.

    Folks, the amount of work Ted completed in less than 2 days is mind boggling. If you are need of ANY kind of online marketing or support, hire Ted. You will be in great hands.

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