Toughest Person in The World

I don’t really have much to write about – hit a couple of personal bests at the gym today – but that is the same old story.

I was watching some football last night and it kind of inspired me to write about toughness. In fact I am going to give out my toughest person of the year award. It is a pretty big honour; I think the hierarchy of awards goes something like Nobel ->Pulitzer->Ted’s Toughest Person of the Year.

Anyways I thought about this as I was watching The Arizona Cardinals of the NFL. Arizona has a wide receiver named Anquan Boldin. By all reports he is a great guy and as showcased every week, one hell of a football player. What makes him the toughest person on the year?

Well on September 28th, Boldin caught a dangerous pass in the end zone, as he came down with the ball an opposing player launched into the air and flew like a rocket into Boldin. It was a violent helmet on helmet collision. Boldin was knocked completely unconscious.

He was carted off the field. He had to be restrained in the locker room because he wanted to get up off the stretcher. Besides having a concussion and a pretty bad headache, he had also BROKEN HIS FACE. To be exact, he fractured his paranasal sinuses, which is also commonly referred to as BREAKING YOUR FREAKIN’ FACE.

I do not know the exact operation he went through but I have caught bits of pieces. Some of the more gruesome details would be that he had to have his skin lifted off his face, to put a metal plate in the broken area. He also had to have his lower jaw unattached. Ew.

So for me, that would equal about 3 months minimum off work. That is the bare minimum too. Boldin? Well he came back and was playing football, in THREE WEEKS. Yeah you heard me. That is ridiculous, 3 weeks after a broken face, he returns to the “scene of the crime.”

I am sure though that he would have had a limited role, they would have had to ease him back into the game at least. Not Boldin. He had 9 receptions and TWO TOUCHDOWNS in his first game back…FROM A BROKEN FACE.

I would be scared to even think of laying football again, he rushes back to the field, and continues to play at a super-elite level. A lot of people begrudge professional athletes and the money they receive. Well instances like this just go to show that athletes earn their money with a drive and passion that few of us have.

That is why I think discovering your passion is something everyone needs to do. It might not ever lead to millions but maybe you will discover something you love so much that you can do it three weeks after…HAVING YOUR FACE BROKEN.

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