Tyler The Creator and Hodgy Beats on Jimmy Fallon Show

Last night, much to my surprise, Tyler the Creator and Hodgey Beats, two members from OFWGKTA (Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill The All) performed on Jimmy Fallon.  they were also backed by the legendary Roots crew!

This is big news for these dudes.  I have talked about them before and it seems like they are becoming the next big thing.  They have been getting a lot of press.  While they are getting a lot of positive hype, they also get a lot of flack.  People find them too shocking etc..  Well what we have here is a loose collective of 16-20 year old kids. What do people expect?  Of course if you are an old man, you won’t relate.  That’s why I don’t even try to relate.  I don’t “get” them all the time, but what I do get – is lo fi HARD beats that pay equal homage to RZA as well as Neptunes IMO.

I also love the hustle.  These dudes do it all – rap, production, album covers, videos etc…  So yeah they may rely on shock lyrics at sometimes, but I look at it as a bunch of teens expressing themselves creatively.  I enjoy the exuberance, and at the end of the day I live the music.

I also love their performance on Jimmy Fallon – real energy there .  It’s amazing that in the days that it is cool to seem effortless when you perform, these kids come out and give it their all.  Also love the Mos Def cameo, he is a big OFWGKTA fan.  It is also been reported that Questlove from the Roots called up Jay-Z and told him to check out the show.

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