Tyler The Creator – Yonkers (REVIEW)

Yonkers is the first single off OWFGKTA’s founder Tyler The Creators upcoming album: Goblin.

Apparently the stories circulating are that GZA direct messaged World Star Hip Hop and told them they had to get this video online, shortly after he saw it.  I can see why GZA would appreciate it.  It has a Wu-tang feel to it.  I know people will lose their shit about that comment but it does.  You have all these young dudes out in Cali, producing and writing their own music.  They also create their own artwork and videos in house.  There is the same kind of independent vibe that Wu-Tang had. I realize Wu-Tang wasn’t indy, but their record deal with Loud records was one of the most unique in rap history.

Wu-Tang was also a reaction to the flossy raps that guys like Puff Daddy were producing.  Wu-Tang came out with a much more lo-fi sound, darker etc…

Tyler the Creator and his cohorts are doing the same thing.  They might be a little more (OK a lot more) out there with there subject matter, but remember they are like 16-20 years old.  Shocking and appalling their elders is the status quo.  But their music is a reaction to the glossy over produced rap out there today.

The Wu Tang comparison also transfers to the actual song.  Not the rapping, but the beat.  It instantly sounds like something RZA would have produced for the Gravediggaz.  Real dark and grimey – real street.  Kind of crazy that this is a “single”.  Tyler didn’t give a flying fuck about radio play with this one.

The video is also really interesting.  I guess it is meant to shock, much like the lyrics.  It works though, it is interesting and a bit unsettling. Plus cockroaches are disgusting.

I think you have to go into this type of music with an open mind, because a lot of the stuff Tyler says will be shocking to people. But, I try to focus on his flow, the way he strings his words together, and the creativity. All of which he scores super high on.

If you are easily offended or unsettled it might not be for you. If you want to check out a new sound, that is gaining a lot of popularity – then check the video out.  Some really impressive stuff and it hearkens back to a more grimey and original time in rap.  Really has me excited for his full length upcoming album:  Goblin.

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