Vegan Desserts

Vegan Desserts

I am not a vegan, I am not even a vegetarian.  I eat meat and probably too much of it.  You can see on my about page I am a meat eater, those are the eyes of a carnivore and the stature of a gourmand!

That said, I have a couple friends who are vegetarian, and I know one great couple who are Vegans.  They have been winning me over with Vegan desserts for ages.  I was definitely nervous about trying it out.  I didn”t want to hurt their feelings when I gag and spit it out…

First treat was Vegan Peanut Butter Cups.  They looked good, but I was nervous.  I tentatively took a bite and…I haven’t stopped eating them since.  I think it has been 173 consecutive days I have subsisted entirely on vegan peanut butter cups.  OK, that might be an exaggeration but they were great! Best I have had in my life actually.

That is peanut butter cups though – dark chocolate, sugar and peanut butter – easy to make it for Vegans!  Give me something that challenged you!

How about CHEESECAKE.  The next dish I tried was the KeyLime Cheesecake…WTF how can you have VEGAN cheesecake.  Well I dunno how she did it – but she did it! The BEST cheesecake I have ever had HANDS DOWN! And it was VEGAN!

Recently, all of these great desserts and many more were collected into an amazing cookbook: “Are You Sure That’s Vegan?”  I guarantee any time you make these dishes that is what you will hear people ask.  You don’t even have to be vegan to enjoy these – they taste as good as any traditional dessert I have ever had.

  • Surprise your vegetarian and vegan friends with food they can enjoy too!
  • Never worry about trying to find desserts that everyone can eat at your dinner parties and BBQs
  • Great gift for vegan friends!

You can learn more, download free recipes and see pictures of all of the great desserts here (click book):

Vegan Recipes

  • The peanut butter cups sound good.

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