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There have been a lot of viral videos that have made pretty big waves on the internet. Just recently Susan Boyle’s videos got tens of millions of hits. The Lonely Island have a ton of videos that have gotten millions of views. From their Bing Bong Brothers skit, to Like A Boss…they are huge internet smashes.

I could easily sit here and type out dozens of internet vids that went viral. Just from the top of my head I am sure.

I mean how many lost hours of work can we blame on these videos? I am betting tons – I know nothing stops me in my tracks more than when someone sends me an instant message of a hilarious video. I swear I lost about 2 weeks of work when someone introduced me to Jon Lajoie’s “Everyday Normal Guy” raps.

Speaking of rapping viral videos – anyone see teen country sensation Taylor Swift rapping with T-Pain? Pretty funny stuff – weirdly CMT (it was part of the country music awards) has been taking the video down across the net. Pretty stupid of them – but when your board room is undoubtedly full of stiff suit old white guys – the power of the internet probably isn’t evident.

It is like when Warner Brothers gets trailers of movies taken down from Youtube – yeah good thinking on that. Wat goes through their minds? “By GOD! Out promotional video is being promoted all over the net! We need to put a stop to this!”.

It is ridiculous…but I digress, I didn’t want this post to be about the idiocy of some copyright laws. I want to showcase my favourite viral video of all time. A video that has been taken down countless times and is only available on one site now to my knowledge…

I am sure you have seen this and if you haven’t – you will love it. *might take a second to load*

the renewed mind

I am not poking fun at religion here and I am not even poking fun at these people – what makes me laugh hard at this video is the unbelievable and completely unpredictable happenings at about the 1:50 mark. Check it out.

Be warned this song will be stuck in your head…FOREVER.

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