Viva Italia

It is funny; I was sitting her in front of the computer thinking about how I regretted not getting a blog post out on Saturday. It is like I was already concluding it too late to whip something up.

So Microsoft Word just corrected my use of a comma, by turning it into a semi-colon. Of course Word isn’t smart enough to tell me if semi-colon has a dash in the middle or not. Anyways, I have to be honest, not exactly sure what a semi-colon is used for. If Word tells me I should be using one instead of a comma, well who am I to argue?

A slightly related semi-colon fact: I once saw someone freestyle rap about a semi-colon. I think the exact line was something like “A semi-colon, what is it used for anyway?” Clearly I am not the only person confused by punctuation.

Here is another fact you might not know. If you chill coffee down and call it “ice coffee” it still has the same effect as hot coffee. There is only one difference – you can drink a lot of it and you can drink it fast. You know what 1 and a half litres of coffee will do to you? I am not exactly sure but I know it probably contributed to me deciding to post in my blog. I also think I can see into the future.

Time for a little sports talk. VIVA ITALY. I don’t know if you have noticed but Andrea Bargnani transforms himself from a useless tool, into the greatest basketball player in the history of the NBA.

Alright, I will admit maybe that is a little much, but I am excited! Last year Bargnani looked like a straight up bust. I remember thinking though, that it was just the classic case of the sophomore jinx. Usually a player shows you his potential in his third year. So in his third year Bargnani started off like his second year…he sucked. I was just about ready to write him off. In fact I had written him off.

But wait just one darn second…Bargnani seems to have found his game. In the past ten games he is averaging a super respectful 22 points and 8 rebounds a game. I mean if this is for real and Bargnani keeps this up, I will be happy about this very disappointing Raptor’s season.

Also in the works is a possible JO trade. I think Miami is interested in a swap with Toronto that would send Shawn Marion to the Raps for JO. Great deal for both teams IMO. I really hope it goes down.

Alright I am out of here, the Raps play tomorrow so I might post about how much I hate Bargnani if he has a bad game. I’m fickle.

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