Wedding Season

Well my dreams of a perfect month on here died. Only three days in as well, that hurts.
I am still hoping to get my most posts in one month this month. I should be able to slaughter my record high of, what, like 16?

Anyways, I am hoping to get into the mid 20’s this month. I know it isn’t the most auspicious start, but what can you do. This weekend will be a good test as well, since I am going to a wedding and I haven’t prepared that well. I haven’t even taken my suit out of the closet and it has been there awhile. I will grab it out tonight and assess its needs.

I will admit weddings are not something I usually look forward to. I love going to a close friends wedding though, those are always great fun. This one will be a close friend and I will know a lot of people there so it should be a great time.

The ones that get me are the ones where you know maybe the groom, or the bride but none of the family or friends. Yikes, those can feel awkward. You always sit at the table with the other people who don’t know anyone. It would be like if you were relegated to the uncool table in high school.

Although I haven’t seen a great change in my body, I do feel my upper body (shoulders, chest, arms) as more defined. I am hoping this plays out well in my suit.

I had to buy some dress shoes today and I realized every time there is an event I have to buy dress shoes. I don’t know what happens to them, but I just seem to lose them. I know one pair I got rid of because they hurt my feet, but I have bought at least 2 pair since then and I have no idea what happened to them. I must have done something with them, because I knew I needed to get some new ones. I guess it is as mysterious as the missing sock in the laundry.

Football season starts officially tonight. I think it is the redskins and Giants. I have to be 100% honest; I cannot even believe they still have a team called the “redskins”. I know it is all about nostalgia and history, but seriously..the Redskins.

Love the NFL, I also enjoy the CFL and I think the two can co-exist. I am really sick of all the CFL fans and employees talking about how the NFL shouldn’t come to Canada because it will ruin the CFL. I don’t think so; I see both sports as different entities. Plus if Canada ever got the chance there would be thousands and thousands of excited fans. I would hate to be disappointed because someone somewhere nixed the whole idea because they didn’t think it was fair to the CFL.

I follow both sports and see no reason why both couldn’t exist together. If you only like the CFL, well good for you, but don’t try to impact the joys of thousands of others just because you are insecure.

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