Ugh weekends.

Weekends have to be the toughest time on me in terms of my goals. I don’t work out, which doesn’t bother me since I go hard 5 times a week. I TRY and get some activity into my weekends, but to be quite honest I am not always successful.

My diet is brutal on weekends as well. I am taking full responsibility here, don’t get me wrong. There is just so much temptation on weekends. I have a lot of time in the morning so I can have a big breakfast, which is a bad start. I think one big problem is partying as well. You have a couple drinks, which are bad enough for you. You have a couple more if you are around someone you haven’t seen for awhile. Maybe you decide to go to the bar, so guess what a couple more. Now the calories from the alcohol alone are probably staggering. But it doesn’t stop there. Once you have a couple drinks in you, it is go time on the food. You just don’t care what you eat; you just know you want to eat.

If you are in a city, you are probably going to hit up some 24 hour spot. In my case, when I am in that state of mind I am not ordering the salad with dressing on the side. I am ordering the animal fat with condiments on the side. After drinking is bad for eating, so is the time while you are drinking. Nibbling at this and that, usually some form of fried goodness, is just horrible for me. Then when you think you are safe, you roll out of the bed Sunday morning…and the first thing everyone wants to do is EAT. They want a big greasy breakfast, I don’t know about everyone, but most people I know want that when they wake up after over-indulging.
Just imagine how many calories a night like that add up to. I wonder if it offsets all the weekly work in the gym. I bet it comes close.

I also didn’t write at all this weekend. I am not too worried about it; there will be other times I am not near a computer. I just know from experience that when creating a habit, it is very important to do it every day. I will definitely try to write on the weekends, even if I am away camping or at a cottage, I can scrawl something down in a notebook. I notice being much more able to edit my own work even after a couple weeks of writing daily (or almost daily). I guess the brain works like any other muscle.

A little off topic, but a friend of mine from the gym opened up my world to roasted vegetables, especially red peppers. They are delicious. I like to do mine on the BBQ over lump charcoal, that way they get a real smoky flavour as well. So I can add a ton of flavour without adding anything nasty like fat or calories. Anyone know what other vegetables are good roasted on the BBQ? Also anyone know what the best way to store roasted peppers (vegetables in general) is? I hate the taste if they are stored in vinegar.

Thanks in advance.

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