What Are You Thinking Gilbert Arenas?

Well the Gilbert Arena return in Washington has been mediocre at best.  He is putting p OK numbers, but the team is as bad as ever.  How do you go and top that off?  Well of course you welch on a 150k bet to a much lower paid teammate and threaten him with a gun.

Well at least it can’t get any worse right…

Oh it does!  Here is a picture of Arenas pre game last night:

Honestly – I laughed.  I don’t think gun crimes are a laughing matter, but his whole face is hilarious to me and just the fact he decided to pull this is fascinating in a way.

Stern is going to hammer him for this – expect a big time fine and suspension.

  • Joel

    Where is Crittenton in this picture? Is he joining in the gun play?

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