What I am Listening To

I am a bit of a music buff – I have to say though that my specialty lies in the hip-hop and R n’ B realm. I like all genres of music – but I think I pay the most attention to hip-hop. I am up on the current trends, underground artists and of course the classics. I have heard a lot of people crying about the death of hip-hop but people cry about everything.

Here is what I am listening to:

***explicit content warning for all of this I bet***

Gotta rep the T.Dot first of all, I have talked about him before but I am really feeling – Drizzy aka Drake aka Wheelchair Jimmy. Yup, the same dude that was on Degrassi: The New Generation. If you listen to the radio you have probably already heard “The Best I Ever had”. This dude has more buzz about him than just about any Toronto rapper I can remember. Drake walks the fine line between slick lyrics and commercial appeal. I could see him being too “pop” for my tastes someday but for now – dude is killing it. Here is a less popular track from Drake that has singing the hook and rapping the second verse. Shows his range:

Drake feat. Lil Wayne – I Want This Forever

The next MC I have been playing the hell out of lately is J. Cole – another rookie. J.Cole is from North Carolina but moved to NY to go to college and advance his rap career. He was pretty disilussioned to find that the undergound rap scene in NY was nothing like it had once been. But after working his ass off his demo got into the hands of Jay-Z, Jay went ahead and signed J. Cole as the first act to his new label – RocNation. The move to NY paid off. I had a HARD time choosing what track to showcase, but I had to go with “I Get Up”. He produced the track as well and the beat is amazing – some really uplifting stuff with some great rapping. Lyrics with actual SUBSTANCE:

Paint a picture to show the deaf what its like to listen/
And speak the word to tell a blind man what he missing/
For all my ni&&as doing time maaaan up in prison/
Thought had to resort to crime maaaan. f*ck the system/
We raising babies up in hades where there ain’t no hope/
Aint no fathers, don’t take no scholarship to slang no dope/
Politicians holla bout problems, but I aint gon’ vote/
Keep talking bout change, still we floating in the same ol’ boat/
So tell me how im spose to feel what the president spoke/
When he aint never had to struggle, ain’t never been broke/
Aint even rolled through the ghetto, ain’t ever been close/


Destined to shine, Im’a find a way/
Cuz hey/
Damnit them jobs out there aint trying to pay/
I pray/
Granted 9 to 5 is how you surive/
I aint trying to survive/
Im trying to throw my Momma in rides/
Im’a provide for my seed, Im the soil/
I teach him about loyalty/
I teach him that his skin black like oil/
Thats from royalty/
I show him all the things that my pops was never showing me/
Treat em like a growing tree with this poetry..
And show the sons how lead, not to follow/
The present is our gift, but our seeds got tomorrow/

I actually didn’t notice how great that last verse ws until I started trying to transcribe it. His lyrics and the way he puts them together are soem really advance stuff. I don’t know if this guy has the commercial appeal of Drake..but rhyme for rhyme he may be the better rapper. The best comparison i cam come up wiht is Drake = Jay-Z and J Cole = Nas….LOL No pressure guys.

J. Cole – I Get Up

Alright this is getting to be more work than I counted on. I will wrap it up here with one last song. This isn’t a new rapper with buzz though, this is from a rapper that deserves to have blown up a long time ago. Royce The 5’9 – This guy is one of my favourite rappers ever. He has never gotten the repect he deserves. He doesn’t rap about politics, he isn’t “socially concious”…he is often drunk when he rhymes and he is always violent and mostly angry. Why do I like him? He can rap his ass off…and has one of the best mic presences of all time. A lot of explicit content on this one.

Royce – DOA

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