What is Kamelflage?

I noticed on Google trends that a hot topic was “camelflage”.  I instantly laughed – I thought it was just a ton of people spelling camouflage wrong.  i was blown away that so many people could spell a term wrong that it was a hot trending topic.

Well, not for the first time, it is proven I must be an idiot.

Kamelflage or Camelflage is actually a properly spelled product name.  I will tell you what it isn’t.  It isn’t Camel colored camouflage.  It also isn’t used to hide your camel.

What is it?

It is an insert for women’s underwear that will hide the camel toe.  I am not kidding.  I really didn’t know that camel toe was such an issue, that products had to be designed and used JUST to counter it.

CamelAmmo seems to be the biggest name in camel toe hiding apparatuses. They claim it is a patent pending, small, flexible insert constructed of light, breathable, body and eco-friendly materials that is placed into the lining of your favorite undies to prevent frontal wedgies.

It is funny they try to give a proper name to cameltoe (frontal wedgies), but then name their product after camel toe.

On a bright note CamelAmmo is so small that you can tuck it away in your makeup bag for any last minute, on the go, fashion emergencies!


In case you suffer from bouts of dreaded camel toe – you can get relief here: http://www.camelammo.com/

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