What is Su.Pr?

I am about to hit the hay here – long day of work, coupled with gym workout and finished off with a long dog walk has me beat.

I do want to mention something real quickly.  I haven’t had this new blog too long so my Google Analytics traffic reports certainly aren’t astounding.

That said I have noticed a bit of a traffic increase due to SU.PR.  I know I have mentioned this before, but it bears repeating.

Su.Pr is Stumbleupon’s URL shortener.  Twitter has really exploded the popularity of URL shorteners.  No one wants their precious 140 characters to be gobbled up by long URLs.

I love using Su.Pr and can attest to the benefits first hand.  It shortens your URL and so much more.

It also can post your new shortened Ul (or anything for that matter) to Twitter and/or Facebook.  That is simple enough, the bonus being it is significantly faster than using the actual Twitter site – and doesn’t take up a ton of RAM like Tweetdeck (and similar apps).

It also tracks some analytics on your tweets, it tracks clicks on your link (in real time), retweets and keeps records that allow you to see what time your tweets are most popular.  Oh yeah it also allows you to schedule tweets!  That in itself is pretty handy IMO.

It doesn’t end there though – it also automatically submits your content to StumbleUpons 7.9 million users.  Most of the traffic I have gotten from this method has actually been traffic from StumbleUpon – more so than even Twitter.   I know you might think that StumbleUpon traffic may not be very targeted – well according to my stats visitors from Stumble Upon have a lower bounce rate that the average, and a higher time on the site.

This is definitely one of my favourite web2.0 tools and it will only get better!  Get on the bandwagon now.

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  • How much does Su.Pr cost, or is it free? This could really be a useful tool if you are trying to use Twitter to build some traffic for your site. I'll have to do some research, thanks for introducing it to me! Quite interesting about Stumble Upon too. I will have to start taking it more seriously for sure.

  • Completely free.

  • viky

    This is a very informative post. I was looking for a url shortener. This also gives me information on a lot of things. Thanks for the post. Happy posting.

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