When is it OK to Lie?


Is there ever a reason to lie? Is lying OK sometimes?

I think that most people would admit that a little white lie now and again doesn’t hurt. I bet a large majority of people would agree with that. I definitely know people who disagree though. They think that lies are never OK, and in the end telling the truth is always the best way to go. I respect that, I just disagree. Off the top of my head I can think of 3 times when it is not only OK to lie, I recommend it.

1. If any girl in your life, no matter sister, girlfriend, mother, boss or mistress, asks you how they look – it is always “Great!”. Not “OK”, not “fine” and never “meh”. They always look great and it is important you say it with energy.

I mean sure you can tell them they packed on some pounds. Go ahead Captain Honesty – try that one out and see how well it flies. The only outcome is that she will be emotionally hurt and you will most likely be physically hurt. Also whatever smashes on the wall next to your head might be worth some money.

2. Playing games or sports. I am sorry but I fully expect to here a TON of bullshit when I compete with my friends. Even the most flagrant of fouls will be followed by a pleading “Ahhh c’mon! That was all ball!”

If you play poker with me and I don’t show you my hand, but you ask – I will lie. If I think that letting you believe I bluffed will hurt your game – I will tell you I bluffed. I have been asked “What did you have?” probably a million times in my life. I can count on my hand the number of times I have had sincere reply.

Whenever i play a board game, or card game and someone asks “Whose turn is it?”. If it will benefit me I will always reply “Mine, I think.” I hope this doesn’t reflect poorly on me – but honestly, if I find out people don’t lie during a sport, board or card game – I instantly question THEIR morals. Just doesn’t seem…natural.

3. Telling hilarious stories. Alright – this is a big one. You want to know why when you tell a story, people start changing the subject? You want to know why there are certain people who tell this captivating stories that make them the life of the party? Simple answer – they lie and you don’t.

Any great story teller will tell you that the key to their success is exaggeration. The story about Bob, who slipped down a step but caught himself at the last minute – yawn inducing.

Now, if Bob slipped on a step, his legs flew out from under him and he was LITERALLY parallel to the ground, at least 5 feet in the air. I totally saw the look of fear on his face right before he landed. Dude, landed with a thump, and I heard the air rush out of his lungs. But it wasn’t over. He slid down to the bottom of the stairs, each stair he hit he let out this little squeak. It was soooo funny. I rushed down to see if he was OK, and I asked him if he was in pain and he croaked “It only hurts when I breath”. Maybe that isn’t the best story of the night but guaranteed you have the sadistic friends in your crew hooked.

I think honesty is important. But I also think that a little harmless lie is just that – little and harmless. If the lie doesn’t hurt anyone, or doesn’t intentionally mislead someone in a nefarious way – it is probably not a huge deal.

Moral of the story – lying will make the females in your life happier, make you better at sports and you will be way more fun to be around.

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  • Yes it is okay to say a lie sometimes. It depends upon the situation..
    White lies, they call it. I do it sometimes... Yeah I admit that.

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