Alright quick state of the union address on my favourite football team – The New Orleans Saints.

I could sum it up in one word: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!  But I have a couple points to make.

First off – I became a Saints fan in 1991.  I became a football fan then actually.  I opened up the newspaper and looked at the NFL standings – I saw a couple of teams were still undefeated – 6-0 at the time.  New Orleans was one of them – and they became my favourite team.  The other undefeated team at the time – the Denver Broncos.

Little did I know, that I just made a horrible mistake and was about to embark on one of sports worst voyages.  Had I picked the Broncos – I would have been able to cheer them on for 2 Superbowls.  As a Saints fan, I was relegated to cheering for the couple playoff games they have won over the past 2 decades.

Even worse as a Saints fan it was impossible – especially in Canada to find any type of Saints gear.  Once they drafted Ricky Williams it changed a bit, and then once they drafted Reggie Bush – it was game on – you can find Saints stuff anywhere now.

So what would compel me to write a blog post about The Saints now – 18 years after I first started cheering for them?

Well for the first time since 1991 – the Saints are 6-0.  This year though it is super impressive.  The Saints are clearly one of the leagues best teams thus far.  Their offense is amazing – maybe best in the league, and for the first time in a couple years they have a…*gasp* defense!

Here are a couple questions I have been thinking about lately, and I will do my best to answer them.  Most of this is opinion based stuff, feel free to disagree.

Is Reggie Bush a bust?

Well if you compare what Bush has accomplished to what he was supposed to do in the NFL then maybe you can say yes.  I, however, don’t think he is a complete bust.  Yes he hasn’t been nearly as good as I had hoped – but there is a bright side.  He can still be game changing – after watching about 4 Saints games this year – it is clear that Reggie Bush is the most effective and well utilized decoy in the league.  Even though he hasn’t been as great as predicted, defenses still have to make sure he is contained.

Play actions passes, reverses, counters etc… are all more effective with Bush.  Now a 2nd overall pick in a draft should be more than a decoy – and thankfully he is.  he is a dangerous return man, dangerous receiver out of the backfield and he is still ridiculously athletic.  This can be summed up in their game this week – where Reggie Bush jumped 6 yards, superman style over an opponent for a TD.

Has he disappointed? Yes.  Is he a complete Ryan Leaf-esque write off? No way.

How Good Is Drew Brees?

He is awesome.  He is absolutely in the top tier of QBs.  For years there has been Tom Bray-Peyton Manning and then the rest of the NFL QB’s.  Since becoming a Saint Drew Brees has moved into that tier.   I still think Manning and Brady get the slight nod over him for what they have accomplished, but Brees is still right in that picture.

I put him ahead of Big Ben, Philip Rivers and Donovan McNabb etc…  The dude is lights out good.  Throws a great deep ball, great short ball, releases the ball quickly and is very accurate.  he is also willing to take a supporting role if the running game is effective.  He has no qualms with handing off to Pierre Thomass Reggie Bush and Mike Bell, especially if it means a win.

In short – Brees is AWESOME.

As of RIGHT Now are The Saints the Best Team in the League?

Tough question and it doesn’t mean a lot.  The more important question is who will be the best team in the Superbowl.  That, I have no answer for.  It is a long season and anything could happen.

As for RIGHT now – then yes I think the Saints are the best team in the league.  I think the only other comparison would be the Colts (no disrespect Broncos).  I think it is VERY close between them.  I think New Orleans is still susceptible to the pass (even with THE GOD Sharper – 6 picks already, 3 of them ran back for touchdowns) so maybe that hurts them a bit.  On the other side though – N.O. runs the ball way better than Indy.  Everything else is pretty equal.

Both teams have destroyed the teams they should have, and also have a couple impressive wins over tougher opponents.

Will The Saints Win The Superbowl?

I am not touching this questions – I am not even thinking about it. It might as well be written in Arabic.

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