Why Do People Hate Kimbo Slice?

Why do people hate Kimbo Slice?

If you don’t know who he is – I will be mildly surprised.  He is a youtube legend from his backyard fighting videos, and more recently has made the jump into legitimate MMA competition.

He is a very polarizing figure.  Some people love him and some people absolutely hate him and would like nothing more than to see this guy fail.  That is where I get lost – what has this guy done to make so many people hate him?

I know that fighting in backyards for money isn’t exactly a bright spot on someone’s resume.  But is that enough to hate someone?  Does it matter he did it to feed his 6 kids?  If we had to feed our kids – could we make that sacrifice and take those chances?

I think some people hated him even more when he DARED try to step into legitimate Mixed Martial Arts competitions.  It didn’t help that the organization he broke into fed him over-aged and under-skilled fighters to build his hype.  That isn’t his fault though.  How should he have been introduced to a sport – isn’t bringing him along slowly the right thing to do?  Isn’t that why most sports have a farm system – so players can build their skills amongst lower tier talent before stepping into the big leagues?

I think his big paydays are probably what really pissed people off.  It didn’t help when he  suffered his first loss to a completely unimpressive nobody.

I for one wish Kimbo nothing but the best.  I find it incredibly impressive that anyone without formal training can step into a pro sport and not be completely out of his element.  It is a classic “everyday joe” story.  Vince Papale became a fan favourite in the NFL when he walked off the street and became a player.  Doesn’t seem like Kimbo is getting that kind of treatment.  Is it time to play the race card?  Or better yet maybe it isn’t simply his race – Kimbo is an intimidating figure; he looks and sounds gruff, he is huge and menacing.

Funny thing is he is completely humble, honest and respective of the history of Mixed Martial Arts.

I think in September a lot of questions will be answered about Kimbo Slice.  Dana White, UFC president, once said that the only way Kimbo Slice would ever get to ply his trade on the world’s biggest stage would be if he went through the Ultimate Fighter Reality show.

Kimbo called his bluff and will be on the upcoming reality series that starts on the 16th of Sept.

I guess then a lot of questions will be answered.  Win or lose, I am still pulling for Kimbo – the ultimate underdog.

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